Espresso Romero

The way to Europe was long: Rainy journeys across the sea gave us a wonderfully soft, low-acid green coffee. These weather conditions are replicated today with the wet monsoon climate of India. This ensures the fantastic taste of this unique combination.

Our mildest espresso consists of exclusive Arabica beans. Among them is the famous Monsooned Malabar bean from India. Discover and experience the incomparable taste of espresso!

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With the Espresso Romero we have achieved a masterful piece of aromatic craftsmanship. The mild espresso is very popular and not only coffee lovers buy it, but also gastronomic establishments. No wonder: it has a distinctive aroma and is low in acid. Nutty nuances combine with a light spiciness to create a fantastic taste.

The process from bean cultivation on the plantation to the finished espresso is closely monitored. We use high-quality beans from India, Brazil, Guatemala and Colombia for the Romero . The careful selection and composition of the coffee beans ensures the refined taste. In the soft finish, the espresso convinces with wonderful aromas. The harmonious taste experience will convince you!

Espresso Romero: An aromatic delight

Our Martermühle coffee roastery is known for its carefully selected types of coffee and special flavor compositions. We roast the coffee daily in small quantities using traditional drum roasting. So you can always buy a fresh espresso online. The long roasting time also leads to intensive aromas and a mild acidity.

What makes Romero so special is the variety of aromas . Nutty-earthy nuances create a harmonious taste experience. With a good cup to start the day off right! The seductive aromas help to start the day in a pleasant and conscious way. Try the Espresso Romero: A handcrafted masterpiece with a luxurious character!

Preparation Suggestions

  • Espresso


  • Spicy


Preparation Mode:
  • Fully Automatic Machines Coffee
  • Espresso Machines Coffee
Coffee Bean Type:
Countries of Origin:
Brazil, Guatemala, India, Colombia
Hazelnut, Light Spicy
Coffee Grind:
Whole Bean
Caffeinated Coffee


Preparation Suggestions



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