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Quality coffee since 1905

Danesi is tradition, Danesi is family.
For four generations we have been promoting the quality and culture of Italian Espresso around the world.

Alfredo Danesi, at the age of 25, decides to open, together with his friend Nencini, a coffee emporium in the center of Rome, in Via Tomacelli. For 7 years it had been involved in the spice and coffee trade.

Alfredo, a profound connoisseur, and conservator of secret blends, begins to spread the culture of Italian espresso in the capital and throughout Italy.

It is 1905 and the emporium of the capital becomes a city reference point.

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The aroma of quality

A fine coffee, the result of a tradition of over 100 years. A coffee made of qualitative and sustainable choices. And of knowledge, love, and passion for Italian Espresso Coffee, which we spread in Italy and around the world.


In defense of coffee

We fight against the disappearance of cafes. For this we prefer:

  • A short supply chain and sustainable agriculture of producer cooperatives
  • Respect the growers
  • Protect the environment by adopting meaningful and sustainable behaviors


Checking is never enough

The secret to quality coffee? Choose:

  • Raw materials
  • The most suitable manufacturing process
  • the best sensory characteristics to make you live a unique experience
  • The best coffee by tasting it and evaluating its organoleptic characteristics through the delicate technique of "cupping", a practice that, to be carried out, requires technical skills ", sensitivity and experience
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