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We believe that it’s a mistake to drink the same coffee every day when there are so many blends, tones, and flavors to explore! That’s why we brought you the taste of a faraway land captured in the finest Vietnamese coffee beans.

It is time to replace the morning rush with peaceful moments, and brewing Vietnamese coffee is just the perfect way to start your day! Follow the sounds of the little drops slowly dripping through the filter and dive into the exotic aroma of a new kind of life!

We are Craft Beans and we offer you a genuine experience by bringing you the most respected Vietnamese coffee brand, cultivated traditionally and hand-picked with much care and expertise.

Traditional Vietnamese Coffee

Carefully selected high-quality coffee beans from the exotic coffee plantations of Vietnam right at your doorstep. 

MOST POPULAR: Ground Coffee

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TRADITIONAL Farm Cultivation

We bring you the most respected Vietnamese coffee brand cultivated traditionally with special care and expertise. Grown in the perfect climate to achieve full ripeness, every variety features an impressive aroma and excellent flavor tones. 

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Is this your first time trying Vietnamese coffee and you’re not sure where to start? Can’t decide which coffee to try next? Have a look at our pre-packed selection of Craft Beans' Favorites in our webshop! 


Our Starter Pack was thoughtfully selected for first-timers. In case you are already a Vietnamese coffee lover, we recommend you the Advanced Pack. Or if you want to be totally spoiled and have the finest coffee experience, the Exclusive Pack is definitely the perfect choice for you!

Craft Beans

QUALITY Hand-Picked Coffee Beans

The fully ripe, hand-picked coffee beans go through a careful selection, so only the finest quality beans can be processed. The unique roasting techniques guarantee an impressive blend of flavors in every drop of coffee no matter which specialty you try. 

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