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At Topeca Coffee Roasters, we are diligently invested in understanding what makes coffee great. We started our journey in 1850 when Santiago Diaz-Caceras moved to El Salvador with his knowledge of coffee. He then decided to start a family of coffee growers on the slopes of the Santa Ana volcano that would last 6 generations later.


In 2001 the global coffee market began to crash. Margarita Lucia Diaz knew it was important to save her family’s coffee business, so she asked for help from her son Emilio Lopez and her son-in-law John Gaberino. They decided that in order for coffee to become a more sustainable business,  they'd have to cut out all the "middlemen" and bring the product directly to the customer.


Over the course of the next several years they would:

  • Establish their own wet and dry mills, so they could process and export their own coffee
  • Purchase a second farm, Finca el Manzano, where our state-of-the-art mill sits today, and where we grow award-winning coffees
  • Open 2 roasting operations, one on the farm and one in Tulsa, OK
  • Open their first retail cafe, making Topeca one of the first "Farm-to-Cafe" coffee companies in the world

Today we continue that vision of creating a sustainable supply chain for coffee, where everyone involved at every level can thrive. Though we face many challenges, our diligence never stops. We are constantly engaged in the conversation and try to implement practices that lead to better tomorrow, such as:

  • Our commitment to purchasing only fully traceable coffees 
  • Our commitment to paying sustainable prices for quality coffee
  • Our commitment to education


At Topeca Coffee Roasters, we are entirely committed to understanding what makes great coffee. We started our journey in 1850 as a family of coffee growers on the slopes of the Santa Ana volcano in El Salvador. In 2002, we elevated our passion with the creation of our “Seed-to-Cup” concept in producing, roasting, and serving coffee. Today, we continue our commitment in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where we diligently craft top-notch coffees from around the world. Every step of the way, we strive to honor tradition while continuously spawning innovation. As a family-owned business, we understand the importance that loyalty and relationships play in producing exceptional products and exceptional employees. At Topeca, our employees and partners are like family. The extraordinary knowledge and hard work they contribute, help us excel in our collective goal – to deliver the best possible experience to your cup.