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Passalacqua, where coffee is a family business

Upon entering the courtyard of the S. Passalacqua plant, a green oasis appears with a magnolia and a rose garden that climbs up the boundary wall. Then the aroma of freshly roasted coffee that comes out of the fireplaces intoxicates the mind with a pleasure that almost stuns ...

It all began in '48, after the war, with a state under reconstruction and a lot of poverty. To feed the family, grandfather Samuele had resumed his business as a sales representative, while his three sons, Biagio, Yor Armando, and Emilio, young and full of enthusiasm, bravely faced the shortage of post-war work. Then here's the chance: the purchase of an old machine that roasted 5 kg of coffee every twenty minutes and the start of a new business.

Today the coffee that comes from 14 different countries reaches the Passalacqua roaster, and from here it reaches all over the world.

Passalacqua today has over 73 years of history, 73 years of extraordinary aroma obtained by selecting the finest Arabica and Robusta blends from all over the world. A tradition that has remained intact up to the fourth generation.

Today, like yesterday, the family business is an exciting place, where one is immediately transported to a dimension of metaphysical beauty in which rigor, fidelity, the community dimension of work and the pursuit of excellence in coffee are the fundamental values. Everywhere the Indian winks: the symbol of our company founded in 1948 by grandfather Samuele. It was he who, after offering a sip of our coffee to a boy who had come to the factory on an errand, wanted to capture his traits of pleasure. And our brand was born, today so widespread in the world.

As dear uncle Biagio always repeated, we feel today as then, "little artisans", interpreters of the best tradition of Neapolitan coffee.


Our numbers

73 years
The history of our family business that preserves the tradition of Neapolitan coffee

14 origins
The places from which we select the best coffee in the world for the creation of fine blends

5,750 sq m
The size of our factory is a few kilometers from Naples

3.460 kg
The hourly production capacity of our company

Passalacqua respect for our customers