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The history of the Nannini brand has been linked to the city of Siena for over a hundred years. It is among the historic palaces of the city of the Palio that elegant coffees are born, roasting develops and sweets typical of the Sienese tradition come out of the historic walls to be appreciated abroad.

The passion for coffee has accompanied Nannini since 1919, when the founder, Guido, began to take an interest in roasting, which was then almost unknown in Italy. Then his nephew Alessandro Nannini, having discarded his Formula 1 driver suit, continues the tradition and dedicates himself to bringing coffee outside the walls of Siena. And today Nannini continues to provide state-of-the-art coffee...

Caffè A. Nannini

The balance between the coffees of the best origins blends with experience, technological evolution, and professionalism. The beans are roasted, blended, and processed to enhance their qualities, aromas, and flavors. The roasting is carried out separately for each different origin, differentiating processing time and temperature, so as to best release the qualities of each individual bean and achieve the final result: a cup of pure pleasure.