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It has been for over fifty years...

... that we look to the future

In Kimbo's growth, the Research & Development sector has had a fundamental importance in order to decline the traditional Kimbo quality in a range capable of always keeping up with the needs of consumers.

The importance of origins

kimbo caffe italiano

Raw material

To make a good coffee you have to start from far away because the quality depends above all on the quality of the raw materials. For this reason, Kimbo SpA dedicates a lot of care to the selection of green coffees directly in the countries of origin. All stages of the cultivation of coffee plants are carefully followed and subjected to multiple controls. Thus the plant can grow healthy and produce high-quality red berries. Those same berries hide their most precious treasure: the green beans. These are dried in the sun, peeled, and finally shipped to Italy.


There are two main varieties of coffee: Arabica with a more intense and sweet aroma and Robusta, with a more spicy and bitter aroma, with higher caffeine content. Kimbo SpA experts select the best raw coffees of the two main varieties on-site and immediately send the samples to the Neapolitan plant, where a team of experts carries out product and chemical tests. So it's time for the tasters, who give the green light to the raw material using the most sophisticated machine that exists: their noses and their taste buds.


To maintain quality, the packaging phase is also essential. For the whole beans, it is made in a protected atmosphere, while the ground is vacuum-packed as soon as it is done. Inside, it's as if time stops: so, when you open it, you can enjoy the aroma and flavor of freshly roasted coffee.