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JACOBS coffee is made with all the passion of the experienced master roasters. They continuously check the roasting process, because only a few seconds decide on the optimal degree of roasting of the coffee beans and the unmistakable pampering aroma of JACOBS coffee.

Experience the coffee world of JACOBS and learn more about coffee cultivation and the difference between Arabica and Robusta coffee.

A brand with a history

Go on an exciting journey through time and learn more about the history of JACOBS. It all started in 1895 when the founder, Johann Jacobs, had a dream.

Cultivation & harvest

The coffee tree is evergreen and grows in over 70 countries with appropriate climates and altitudes. The trees require good care and 3-5 years to bloom.

Types & varieties

Just like the vines and hops plants, the coffee tree on which the coffee cherries grow has a wide variety of species.

Taste rating

Coffee has an incredible variety of flavors and notes. When you recognize this, you will fully enjoy your coffee.

Our Diversity

Regardless of whether it is beans, filter coffee, TASSIMO, coffee pods, dissolving coffee or specialties - discover our full range now, because there is something for every taste and every preparation method!

Whole bean

whole bean jacobsUse the JACOBS coffee beans in your fully automatic machine and enjoy the unique coffee aroma. Carefully selected types of coffee from different countries are gently roasted in the drum roaster and then packaged airtight - this is how the aroma is ideally protected.

Filter coffee

jacobs filter coffee

Experience the seductive taste of JACOBS coronation as filter coffee. JACOBS Krönung filter coffee is available in different types: from mild, classic and strong to decaffeinated.

Discover the different JACOBS coffee products and find your favorite!

Espresso capsules

jacobs capsules

Discover the diverse espresso capsules from JACOBS. Whether lungo or espresso - JACOBS offers the right capsule for every taste.

Instant coffee

jacobs disolving coffee

The soluble coffee from JACOBS is practical for at home and on the go. Simply pour hot water over it and the coffee is ready to be enjoyed. Choose between different varieties such as JACOBS Krönung, JACOBS Gold and JACOBS Klassik and find your personal favorites!

Coffee pods

jacobs coffee pods

Do you have a pad machine and want to enjoy the inimitable and unmistakable taste of JACOBS coffee? Then just use the JACOBS coffee pods. The range of JACOBS coffee pods ranges from JACOBS Crema Pads Classic to JACOBS Crema Pads Strong.

Coffee for every taste

Coffee drinkers have trusted the JACOBS brand and its magical pampering aroma since 1895. Thanks to this trust and innovative products, JACOBS was able to establish itself as the leading coffee brand in Germany.

The brand stands for tradition and exquisite delicacy, but also for progress and exciting variety - for every taste.