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We started back in Finland, where saunas outnumber cars and people love coffee as much as they love nature. So much so that our grandparents brewed a coffee replacement out of mushrooms during WWII. (More on this later.)

Our Finnish grandparents brewed mushrooms when they couldn’t get coffee. Turns out those mushrooms—Chaga—are a powerful, immune-supporting Four Sigmatic food. That gave us an idea.

We searched for more exhaustively-studied, practically-magic Four Sigmatic ingredients to add to our daily go-to's. Guess what? Organic coffee plus Chaga is Chaga-bly delicious and remarkably good at balancing caffeine. Goodbye, jitters and sugar highs! (And hello, somewhat regrettable sense of humor.)

As you might have guessed, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. But our products are no joke. We source the world’s very best ingredients. We also work with 3rd party testers to geek out about formulas and purity levels, so you don’t have to think about the science. Unless you want to. In which case, stop by our FAQs.

We have a sauna in our office. We also have a bus named Mauri (the Mushroom Mobile) and Maisa, the electric Mushroom Moped (Mauri’s sister). They travel around the U.S. serving up elevated essentials on wheels. This stuff just makes sense to us—and it makes people feel really good. We believe in it so much, we wrote an actual book full of health-supporting, functional-ingredient recipes.

Four Sigmatic Coffee Cup