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We’re reinventing what it means to fuel your mind and body.

At Bulletproof, we believe that the right nutrients can help you tap into your potential and feel your best every day. We create products that fuel your path to greatness.


We provide clean coffee, keto-friendly snacks, and proven supplements made with carefully selected ingredients.

Bulletproof Products

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In 2011, Bulletproof founder Dave Asprey introduced Bulletproof Coffee: a blend of coffee, MCT oil, and grass-fed butter. It embraced quality fats for sustained energy—and challenged everything we knew about nutrition. Taking charge of your health starts with taking charge of how you feel. That’s why Bulletproof creates products that power your mind, fuel your body and help unleash your limitless potential.


At Bulletproof, our company values shape everything we say and do.

Bulletproof Coffee History

Dave Asprey (born October 30, 1972) is an American entrepreneur and author. He founded Bulletproof 360, Inc. in 2013 and Bulletproof Nutrition Inc. in 2017. He has written five books. Men's Health describes Asprey as a "lifestyle guru."

Asprey is a "biohacker," creator of Bulletproof Coffee and the Bulletproof Diet and author of a book describing the diet.

Asprey is also known for his early commercial use of the Internet, selling T-shirts containing caffeine molecules through the alternative drugs, caffeine newsgroup in 1994. Previously, Asprey held executive and director positions at technology companies such as Trend Micro, Blue Coat Systems, and Citrix Systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bulletproof Coffee

What is in Bulletproof Coffee?

Bulletproof Coffee combines coffee made from high-quality beans with unsalted butter and medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), just like those derived from coconut oil. Combine these ingredients and enjoy them hot, like a creamy latte.

Does Bulletproof Coffee break a fast?

Any version of bulletproof coffee will break your fast. It doesn't raise blood sugar and will boost the production of ketones, which will help you get into ketosis. It even prevents some fat burning because the body relies on MCT oil ketones instead of fat cells for energy. While it would technically break the fast, I wonder if it wouldn't be a great addition to an extended fast. Drinking Bulletproof Coffee in the morning for the first two days can help you get through the toughest days (going into ketosis and feeling full).

Is Bulletproof Coffee good for you?

For those on a low-carb, high-fat diet, Bulletproof Coffee is suitable for a ketogenic diet because it contains no carbohydrates and the body converts MCT oil into ketones. It is believed that this effect is more effective without meals. Eaten with a healthy diet, Bulletproof Coffee can help you lose weight and boost your energy levels.

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What's Bulletproof Coffee?

Bulletproof Coffee, also known as butter coffee, is a high-calorie beverage with added fat designed to get your day off to a good start. It was developed by Bulletproof Diet founder Dave Asprey, an American entrepreneur, and author. This drink is popular among low-carb dieters and proponents of ketogenic diet plans.

Is Bulletproof Coffee organic?

Bulletproof claims they meet all organic standards but are not certified organic. Hence the term "passive organic". They say their standards are quite high because they source their coffee beans from farmers who belong to the Rainforest Alliance. Because these farmers are Rainforest Alliance certified, Bulletproof makes a bold statement that their coffee is considered high quality, almost organic.

Is Bulletproof Coffee keto?

Bulletproof Coffee is a keto coffee. However, not every keto coffee recipe is technically Bulletproof Coffee. Coffee drinkers actually enjoy a very frothy, satisfying taste when they replaced the cream with healthy fats. Most people describe this coffee as a sugar-free latte.

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Is Bulletproof Coffee healthy?

According to research, MCT (one of the main components of Bulletproof Coffee) is metabolized very quickly. This makes them an effective weight-loss tool. Additionally, grass-fed butter is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, whose anti-inflammatory properties may improve energy levels, brain function, and gut health.

What does Bulletproof Coffee taste like?

This tastes like a nuttier, richer, heavier latte. Taste of nuts from the unsalted butter (in the notes), heavier from oil. Most people find the flavor strong and tend to prefer it after drinking it.

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Who owns Bulletproof Coffee?

Dave Asprey (born October 30, 1972) is an American entrepreneur and author. He founded Bulletproof 360, Inc. in 2013, and in 2017, founded Bulletproof Nutrition Inc.

Is Bulletproof Coffee mold free?

Bulletproof Coffee is one of the few coffees that is tested as mold free. Bulletproof offers a range of science-backed products to help customers "bio-crack" in the process of optimizing health and performance. Founded by Dave Asprey in 2004, coffee was one of Bulletproof's first products and was marketed as "Certified Clean." However, "certified clean" is not a valid third-party certification, and some consumers find it difficult to fully understand Bulletproof.

Is Bulletproof Coffee low acid?

One factor in the news lately is the acidity of the coffee. Coffee contains 5 key natural acids that some coffee companies say can cause stomach aches, which you can avoid by buying their "low acid" coffee. Darker roasts, including Bulletproof's two new dark roasts, have lower acidity.

Who invented Bulletproof Coffee?

Dave Asprey developed his Bulletproof Coffee recipe after a trip to Tibet and trying a yak butter tea drink. He returned to the US, experimented with the butter drink recipe, and posted the recipe for his 2009 butter coffee drink on his blog.

How much Bulletproof Coffee per day?

Bulletproof Coffee contains the same amount of caffeine as regular coffee. However, due to the high-fat content of Bulletproof Coffee, it is best to stick to a single cup when drinking it.

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Is Bulletproof Coffee good for diabetics?

What Makes Bulletproof Coffee Great? Conversion showed improved energy levels and weight loss. Its low-carb, high-fat content makes sense for people with type 2 diabetes. Fats keep you full for longer, and a carb-free breakfast makes it easier to control blood sugar.

What is Bulletproof Coffee made of?

Bulletproof Coffee is a high-calorie coffee drink designed to replace breakfast. It is made by blending 2 cups (470 ml) coffee, 2 tablespoons (28 g) grass-fed unsalted butter, and 1-2 tablespoons (15-30 ml) MCT oil in a blender. It was originally popularized by Dave Asprey, the founder of Bulletproof Diet.

Where is Bulletproof Coffee from?

Bulletproof Coffee uses single-origin coffee beans from farms in Guatemala and Colombia.

Can Bulletproof Coffee be decaf?

Bulletproof also has original decaf beans. A clean cup of coffee can brighten your day, so brew Bulletproof Original Decaffeinated Coffee. This medium roast has pronounced aromas of cinnamon, plum, and orange with a cocoa hazelnut finish.

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Can Bulletproof Coffee be iced?

Is Bulletproof Coffee hot or cold? Hot or cold! People usually drink it hot, but you can make a cold version with MCT oil. Warming up with Bulletproof Coffee gives you more fat options.

Why is Bulletproof Coffee called Bulletproof?

Dave Asprey first published the recipe on his website in 2009 (he said the name "Bulletproof" was a reference to his neighbor's Virgin Atlantic flight from London to San Francisco. Gift to him on the top), and soon began adding creative ingredients such as those sold by Brain Octane (its own MCT oil) and Upgraded Coffee, its low-mold beans.

Does Bulletproof Coffee raise blood sugar?

Bulletproof Coffee should be in moderation. It makes people feel better, lowers blood sugar levels, and prevents them from feeling hungry throughout the day.