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Clipper was started in 1984 in a Dorset kitchen by a tea-obsessed husband and wife team. They wanted to share their love of great tea with a promise of ethical sourcing and natural production.  Today there are over 150 different Clipper products sold in over 50 countries. We’ve long outgrown the kitchen, but everything Clipper is still blended in our factory in Beaminster, Dorset.

What makes clipper coffee special?

Clipper may have started off with tea, but did you know that we also do coffee? Well, we don’t just do coffee… we do it the Clipper way. That means all our coffees, whether roast & ground or instant, are made with Fairtrade and organic coffee beans. But that’s just the start… 

From roasting to decaffeination and freeze-drying, all our coffees are brought to your morning with entirely natural processes, so you can wake up to a zing-ier cup with a smooth, full-bodied flavour. All our coffees, whether roast & ground or instant, are made with Fairtrade coffee beans. Our relentless quest for quality and attention to detail is matched only by our desire to always do the right thing. So you see, ‘Natural, fair and delicious’ isn’t just a strapline; it’s a guide to every decision we make

  • Clipper’s instant coffee- Our instant coffee is simply joy in an instant. High quality Arabica beans are roasted and blended to deliver our different flavour profiles; from smooth and buttery Papua New Guinea Rich Roast to our rich and toasty Super Special Medium Roast.
  • Clipper’s decaffeinated coffee- Like our tea, we decaffeinate our coffee the Clipper way. That means no nasty chemicals in your cup or the environment. Our decaf coffees are all made using a decaffeination process which uses carbon dioxide, a completely natural resource, found in the air we breathe. It’s also the gas that gives sparkling water its bubbles! The CO2 method of decaffeination is far better for the environment than using chemical solvents and it doesn’t leave any unnatural chemical residues; just lovely, fresh tasting coffee. Delicious.

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