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We started Canyon Coffee out of our apartment in 2016. 

Hi! We're Ally and Casey. We met in Beachwood Canyon here in Los Angeles back in 2013. As our relationship grew, so did our love for coffee. Visiting beautiful coffee shops became the focal point of all our travels, and making better and better coffee for each other at home became our treasured ritual—especially after spending weeks or months away from each other for our respective careers.

Canyon Coffee

Casey started working in the coffee industry as a dishwasher, then barista, in 2014. That's how we met James, who was head roaster at the first shop Casey worked at. 

About a year later, it was clear that coffee had come to the forefront of our lives. We were used to regularly answering questions from our friends on everything from how to grind coffee for pour-overs to where to get coffee when in a random city or town. At the same time, we were inspired and motivated by a community of people turning their passions into businesses here in California. These were businesses centered on food, hospitality, and home goods. The through-line connecting them all was founder-owners who genuinely cared about what they were putting out into the world. 

What we love most about coffee is the joy it brings to our mornings—making it for each other, family, and friends. We like to drink it black to get the full flavor of the bean, and because it's healthy! When it comes to Canyon Coffee, then, our goal is to find coffee beans that can be brewed black, at home, and taste delicious to a wide range of palettes.

Since working with more accounts that serve our coffees, we also source unique beans and roast them to accomplish our partner's goals and please their customers!

Canyon Coffee

Canyon Coffee


Good coffee takes love, and that starts on the farm with the people growing and tending to the beans. It's our aspiration to have relationships with farms so we can help ensure the well-being of the farmers and their families whose livelihood depends on the coffee trade. That aspiration became real with our first visit to Guatemala in February 2018 to meet farmers and start to establish friendships with producers.

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