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MAURO ground coffeeThe seventy years of Mauro coffee history sink their roots in the plenty of Demetrio Mauro activity. Born in 1905 in Reggio Calabria, at just 10, he started working as a hub on the naves of the Strait while he cultivated the great dream of giving life to his activity. In 1930, with many sacrifices, Demetrio Mauro bought his first boat, the "Salvatore Padre," and in 1936 successfully transferred his interests in Africa, in the then Italian colonies, founding a travel agency. World War II events forced Mauro to start again from scratch. The adventure begins with a new passion—coffee.

From coffee capsules to ground coffee, quality as an absolute value

Caffè Mauro is a historic roasting company in southern Italy. It is the most important and well-known coffee company in Calabria, recognized in Italy and over 60 countries worldwide for the excellence of its blends and for the slow roasting price, which has always preserved and enhanced its quality and aromas of coffee. The Caffè Mauro range includes coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso® * domestic machines and coffee capsules compatible with Lavazza® A Modo Mio® * domestic appliances. A range of compostable pods is also available. 


Caffè Mauro presents the line of pods and capsules dedicated to the home, office, and restaurant. The tradition of the taste of Caffè Mauro blends is combined with the most modern capsule and pod coffee machines to meet all the needs of the contemporary consumer who, everywhere, does not want to give up the coffee ritual. From the CENTOPERCENTO blend, the finest for lovers of pure Arabica, to the CLASSIC one, for those who appreciate the strongest flavors, up to the DECAFFEINATED blend for those who do not want to give up the pleasure of a good coffee without caffeine. The Caffè Mauro offer is wide and varied to meet everyone's needs: always in line with our corporate image, based on Quality and Excellence.


In 2009, under the ambitious objectives aimed at achieving excellence, Caffè Mauro strengthened the quality area, proceduralizing all company areas that directly and indirectly impact the transformation of the product and on the services offered to customers. The strategy adopted envisages an increase in investments for innovation. As regards the control of standards, Caffè Mauro has perfected, thanks also to university collaborations, a series of specific analytical methods that allow to carry out more than 100 different determinations for each single production lot. Furthermore, Caffè Mauro has made a considerable expansion of the Laboratories by purchasing modern analytical equipment such as a gas chromatograph, a high-resolution liquid chromatography, and a laser granulometry.

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