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We are children of a passion. The passion for coffee. We offer an artisanal product, of a superior level, but we do it in the most innovative way possible. It was 1946 when Pietro Carbonelli, at the age of ten, began to take up the secrets of making a good coffee. Among the alleys of a historic, creative Naples where every day, from early morning to late evening, the only constant, unmistakable smell was that of the magical tazzulella 'e café

Those were the years after the Second World War and, between books and a kick to the ball, Pietro found himself making some extra money with jobs at his uncle's grocery store. In those days the grocery stores and bars ordered small quantities of green coffee that was cooked on the fire with ancient kitchen toasters, and each personalized his own blend to be tasted in his own bar, or to be resold on the market. 

At the end of the sixties, Peter began to collaborate with the most famous and ancient Neapolitanroasters, learning the strengths and weaknesses of each green coffee. In 1981, Peter finally gave birth to Caffè Carbonelli, based in Melito di Napoli, where thanks to his passion, he put into practice all the coffee culture he had enriched himself with in those years. Roasting exclusively with oak wood, consistently carrying on the belief that this ancient artisan method is able to give the product an unique aroma. Thus the VesuvioSanta LuciaNapoliArabica Gold and Arabica Extra blends were born.

Caffe Carbonelli


Our mission is to bring the real Neapolitan espresso around the world. Propose it to connoisseurs, who will be able to appreciate the different fragrances released by our blends and, at the same time, surprise the average consumer. 

We are constantly looking for perfection because we are convinced that there can always be something to improve. What we are constantly looking for that detail with which to refine our product, whether it is a new aroma, or a more beautiful package to dress it with. 

We are coffee lovers. We live in the age of communication and we are passionate about art. Our intent is to combine our skills to be able to give life to a coffee capable of distinguishing itself and telling the palate our story of artisan rigor and innovation. Our mission is to enter homes all over the world, bringing you a little bit of the sun of Naples and the unmistakable scent of a good cup of coffee.

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