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Barbera Since 1870

Since 1870 Barbera has always tried to satisfy the needs of coffee lovers by offering only the most authentic Italian coffee. Over 150 years of history and tradition are imprinted in every cup of Caffè Barbera, to excite and thrill through its rich and captivating aroma.

Caffee Barbera

Six generations. The oldest roasting in Italy. A long tradition that for 150 years has been careful in guaranteeing the highest quality coffee, following recipes handed down with care and in secret from generation to generation that show themselves in blends with an unmistakable taste and aroma, which tell of a great family and of his unique love for coffee.

Chosen at the origin

Caffè Barbera carefully selects the finest varieties of coffee directly from producers to ensure superior quality blends. Imported from the best plantations in Brazil, Central America, and Indonesia, each variety is individually subjected to a dedicated and careful process of analysis and processing to guarantee a product of the highest quality. The one hundred and forty-five years of experience allow Caffè Barbera to recognize the peculiarities of each type of coffee: an essential skill for perfect blending.

The art of roasting
The attention with which Barbera carries out the roasting process is fundamental in order to achieve a quality product. Every single variety of coffee is treated and roasted individually so as to enhance its specific qualities. After roasting there is air cooling (and not water NB) to favor the internal condensation of the aromatic substances present in the beans. Caffè Barbera does not pack the coffee immediately after cooling, but lets it mature at a controlled temperature, so as to stabilize the natural oils and fats that make up the aromatic base of the coffee.

The precious blends
No variety of coffee alone can create an espresso with a perfect balance between taste, aroma, and body. For this reason, the blending of the Arabica and Robusta varieties is wisely elaborated by the coffee experts, who after roasting every single variety, following the ancient recipes handed down by the generations of the Barbera family,  ensure quality blends. The subsequent packaging procedures are all optimized to preserve and enhance the freshness and taste of the coffee so that everyone can enjoy a superior quality product.

Awards and certificates

ISO 9001
ISO 9001 certifies that the company quality management system has been recognized as conforming to a standard of excellence.

Fair Trade
Fair trade or Fair Trade has the objective of promoting the improvement of the living and working conditions of producers in developing countries.

Direct Trade
Direct trade certifies the direct selection of coffee from the plantations, promoting direct contact between the producer and the roaster. This type of relationship guarantees the processing of the best qualities of coffee.

In matters of nutrition, hygiene, and health, certifying that a product is Halal means that that product complies with the ethical and sanitary standards, the law, and the doctrine of Islam.

UTZ Certified
UTZ certifies coffee, cocoa, and hazelnuts. It values and identifies colonial products on the market, obtained in compliance with environmental and social responsibility requirements.

Organic Label
Organic certification is a certification process for producers of organic food and other organic agricultural products.

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