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The company was founded in 1958 by Mr. Ramon Novell Vivó. Since its beginnings, Cafès Novell always excelled for its commitment to constantly select the best beans that result in an exquisite cup of coffee, with a delicate bouquet and a unique aromatic profile.

During the 1990’s, the company increased its manufacturing facilities and started expanding throughout Spain, opening subsidiaries in Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Valencia, Bilbao, Málaga, Ibiza and the Canary Islands. In 2011, the first international subsidiary of Cafès Novell opened in Italy, followed by additional offices in the United States, the United Kingdom and China.

Ramón Novell, followed by two more generations of the family, have shared the same enthusiasm and eagerness to explore the world of coffee. The passion for the sector and the eagerness to innovate has led Cafés Novell to continue producing quality coffee and to strive everyday towards seducing with the best cup of coffee.



When we talk of “responsible pleasure”, we are talking about an entire company philosophy that becomes a reality through our Corporate Social Responsibility policy. This attitude and way of doing things has resulted in us winning numerous certifications and awards that endorse the sustainability of our processes. Our alliance with UTZ Certified and Fairtrade, the two international certification bodies that accredit the global production of responsible coffee, are put into practice throughout all the production processes of our coffee:  

  • Control of the entire coffee production process.
  • Establishing a Code of conduct that encompasses economic, social and environmental standards.
  • Guaranteeing a fair salary for both workers and producers.

We also hold the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification at our production centre in Vilafranca del Penedès and our commercial headquarters in Barcelona.

We have been producing excellent, premium coffee for over 60 years, as delicious as it is responsible.
We are committed to the sustainability of each and every process involved in producing our coffee.
We care about our environment and the consequences of our everyday processes, that’s why enjoying a Novell coffee is a great moment in every sense of the word.

The world of Cafès Novell is all about seducing people’s senses through the perfect cup of coffee in a restaurant, in a coffee shop, at work, at home or anywhere else where you may fancy one. Since 1958, Cafès Novell selects the best coffee beans from the world leading coffee growing regions to roast them at the optimal level and obtain the perfect espresso.



One of the things we are most proud of is watching people all over the world enjoying our coffee. We are capable of providing a personalized service whether our customers are based in Europe, the USA or Asia, they can serve the perfect cup of coffee.

Just like with the local market, our level of service, personalized attention and product quality are the keys to our British customers enjoying the perfect cup of coffee.


Three pillars that are present in everything we do: innovationsocial responsibility and customer orientation. Values that underpin our business and help us to decide our future.


The only way to innovate is to be constantly searching and analyzing market trends. Our commercial network is undoubtedly a key source to have first hand information on what’s happening in the sector.

Once a need has been detected, our innovation department starts to search for the best solution possible, which will pass through different tests to ensure its viability. It could be a new product release, a new service or a new way of doing things. Whatever it is, our aim is to convert it into a competitive advantage for Cafés Novell.


We make every possible effort to foster the fair trade and organic cultivation of certified coffee. In this regard, we have been selected by different business schools as an example of Corporate Social Responsibility, and have won an array of awards in this field.

Our commitment to responsibility is centered on sustainability from origin to end customer. We want to grow our company supporting those people involved in the process along the way, especially those belonging to local communities in the countries of origin. For us, our compostable capsules are the best example of this responsibility of which we are so proud.



Coffee shops, cafés, offices, companies and individuals. These are our customers, we never stop searching for new ideas, products and maximum quality services that allow us to continue perfecting the experience of enjoying the best coffee.

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