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Created in 1912 by the Jurado family, the company specialized in the toast, manufacturing, and elaboration of coffee in Spain (Alicante). Manuel Jurado Mas with his entrepreneurial spirit built his first factory more than 100 years ago and in the present Café, Jurado finds itself at the fourth generation of coffee growers. Thanks to the perseverance in the quality of their coffee,  to the fidelity of their customers, and constant experimenting with new products Jurado got to be one of Spain's principal brands of coffee. 

In the present

The success trajectory of Café Jurado always has went accompanied by select requirements and commitment to quality, which begin in our cultivation process and culminate in the palate of a demanding customer. Following the actual trends we have, our intent is to materialize the essence of Café Jurado. At the moment we are present in more than 20 countries and we have an installation to be able to give the best services to our clients. 

Each bean of coffee. Each packaging, each box, and each sip of Café Jurado are such as a form of magical alchemy, the result of a complex process of selection and manufacturing. In a long way from the bean until the cup, there are some alternatives more cheap and fast to do what we do. But there isn't way the best coffee in a traditional way. With the clear knowledge that one defective bean of coffee can spoil a whole lot, we do exhaustive monitoring of the quality for each one of them, focusing on the small details.

We have our own laboratory located in the factory facilities in which we prepare the tests and recipes of the different products related to coffee and which are contrasted with tests in external laboratories to achieve the best result.

Each bag of coffee and raw material goes through different stages of quality control: before purchase, a tasting of the different origins is carried out, when the goods are received at the factory, after mixing, and after processing. With this control system, we make the decision if a sample meets the requirements of our specialist.


To lead and influence the coffee market with the knowledge acquired after a long business career of 100 years, whose objective is to create experiences and sensations for an increasingly demanding public.


Permanently evolve with the innovation of products and processes to become a benchmark in the national and international market, generating added value to our stakeholders.


We are not satisfied with producing products and selling them, we are also concerned with the set of processes that make the customer attain an unbeatable experience, controlling the raw material from the source to the cup and placing emphasis on each of the points. At Jurado, we have the best professionals in each area to guarantee excellence in our services. We work from an efficient management perspective, incorporating new processes for a better service.

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