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Café Bustelo is an American coffee brand owned by J.M. Smack Company.

Café Bustelo History

Gregorio Menendez Bustelo traveled to Cuba from his native Spain as a young man and immigrated to the United States in 1917. In 1928, he founded the coffee company Café Bustelo in the Bronx, New York. His product was popular among Cuban exiles, who preferred to prepare it in an espresso machine rather than the common method of filtering it through a coffee "sock" at the time. The company remained successful throughout the 20th century and was known for its distinctive yellow and red cans.

Café Bustelo was acquired by Miami-based Rowland Coffee Roasters in 2000. That same year, Rowland was acquired by the Cuban-American Souto family and passed on to the J.M. Smack Company for sale.

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Café Bustelo Cultural Impact

Bustelo gained particular prominence in the art and hip subculture of the 1990s and 2000s. It was named in the 1996 musical Rent's song "Today 4 U".

Bustelo images and logos are also used creatively by several artists who use Bustelo themes in paintings, prints, and more.

Café Bustelo Promition

Enjoy our famous flavor! Whether in the iconic can of yellow brick or in the shape that suits you best, our Café Bustelo ® has been loved for generations. Our rich and delicious Latin flavor has become a shared tradition in Latino culture for generations. Today, we are proud to welcome the next generation of coffee lovers to our tradition, now with more options than ever. Buy Café Bustelo online or find it at your nearest store.

Café Bustelo

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Almost a century ago, a young and ambitious Gregorio Bustelo, came to East Harlem, New York, from Spain. Gregorio, a man consumed by a passion for travel, had visited numerous Latin American cities in his life, including the cultural capital of Havana, Cuba. Gregorio went on to be recognized for his espresso coffee and became one of the most prominent names within the Latino coffee community.


Gregorio built his company on three foundations: his love for delicious Latino coffee, support for his community, and a desire to bring people together. Gregorio used a secret blend of coffee beans and created that intense and beloved flavor that consumers today recognize as Café Bustelo; an authentically Latino espresso.

At first, Gregorio sold his hand-ground coffee to theater-goers in East Harlem, in hopes of one day having his own coffee roaster. Gregorio had saved while working at the Hotel Pennsylvania restaurant, and with that money, he opened his first store, "Bustelo Coffee Roasters," on 5th Avenue in New York City in 1928. It was one of the first coffee roasters to cater to the Latino community. In the 1930s, Gregorio began selling his Café Bustelo to independent supermarkets and small grocery stores (known in New York as "bodegas") owned by Latino owners. Gregorio built his business door-to-door, developing good friendships with local business owners whom he considered as family.

Café Bustelo

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After falling in love with and marrying his wife Angelina, the couple turned their business into a thriving coffee company. His dedication to brewing high-quality espresso with intense flavor launched Café Bustelo from East Harlem and Miami to wineries and coffeemakers across the country. Its distribution has grown over the years, and even so, today, the authentic and original blend of Café Bustelo is still highly coveted by those who are loyal to Café Bustelo.

Frequently Asked Questions About Café Bustelo

Is Café Bustelo espresso?

Cafe Bustelo it's called espresso. This coffee is made by Rowland coffee roasters and is one of the most famous coffees in the world. It was popular among Cubans in exile when they used espresso machines. Bustelo Coffee and Cafe Bustelo Espresso are known for being delicious, cheap, and convenient. 

Is Café Bustelo good?

With over 850 reviews on Amazon and an average rating of 4.8 out of 5, we'll have to see what the buzz is about. Cafe Bustelo is the #1 low-cost seller of Cuban coffee. Cafe Bustelo is a strong coffee that makes the perfect cup for any coffee lover.

Is Café Bustelo instant coffee?

Café Bustelo instant coffee pods and dry coffee espresso cans make authentic Sabor Latino quick and easy almost anywhere. You just need hot water. Even our sweet and creamy coffees can be made in an instant using our flavored instant coffee pods.

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How much is Café Bustelo per cup?

We use one tablespoon per cup. It's pretty strong. 

Is Café Bustelo Cuban?

Bustelo Coffee should be self-explanatory. It's a popular Cuban-style coffee that became an important staple for Cuban immigrants in New York City, then into the homes of immigrants from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, and then everyone else.

What is Café Bustelo?

Café Bustelo serves gourmet coffee with vibrant, authentic Latin American flavors.

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Who owns Café Bustelo?

Café Bustelo is an American coffee brand owned by The J.M. Smucker Company.

Is Café Bustelo strong?

Cafe Bustelo is a Cuban-style coffee, and if you know anything about Cuban coffee, you know it's very strong. Of course, that means Cafe Bustelo Supreme coffee will be strong.

Does Café Bustelo have caffeine?

Cafe Bustelo contains 12.50 mg of caffeine per fluid ounce (42.27 mg per 100 ml). A 12ml cup contains a total of 150mg of caffeine.

Why is Café Bustelo so cheap?

Café Bustelo is technically the cheapest coffee on this list because it's sold in both canned and vacuum-packed bricks, but it's only the third cheapest of the cans, behind Maxwell House and Folger's. Unlike other coffees considered, Café Bustelo Espresso has a much finer grind than drip grind.

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Is Café Bustelo dark roast?

A taste you don't want to miss. Made exclusively from beans from Brazilian farms, this special Café Bustelo coffee blend is a delicious dark roast coffee with a rich flavor and a hint of cocoa.

Is Café Bustelo arabica or robusta?

The beans produce a full-bodied coffee with an earthy flavor and unlike Arabica, it is bitter and richer as it contains twice as much caffeine than Arabica beans, harsh and low in acidity. Cafe Bustelo is an example of Robusta coffee.

Where to buy Café Bustelo?

You can buy it online or locally depending on where you find it. You can use their search tab.  

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Does Café Bustelo have more caffeine?

Does Cafe Bustelo have more caffeine than coffee? Café Bustelo has a strong coffee flavor. Coffee Bustelo contains 113 mg of caffeine per 8-ounce cup, nearly double the amount found in other instant coffee brands like Nescafé (67 mg) and Colombian Waka (70 mg).

Where is Café Bustelo grown?

In Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic

What does Café Bustelo taste like?

People who like Café Bustelo's bold, rich flavors liken its shape to chocolate and nutty flavors. According to The Cozy Coffee, the beans are fresh and free of any additives, so the flavor really kicks in, which they describe as similar to mocha coffee.

Is Café Bustelo espresso powder?

Café Bustelo Espresso Style Instant Coffee is a quick and easy way to enjoy your coffee without the inevitable rush. One of the real benefits of this powder is that it comes in bulk

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Who makes Bustelo coffee?

 The J.M. Smucker Company.

How to store Café Bustelo?

Therefore, to keep any type of coffee fresh for a long time, it is best to store it in an airtight container away from sunlight and heat. The best way to keep your Cafe Bustelo super fresh is to store it in a Kilner glass storage jar and put it in your pantry

Does Café Bustelo have a lot of caffeine?

The makers of Cafe Bustelo say their coffee contains 60-90 mg per 6 fl oz, with an average of 75 mg

How much Café Bustelo for 12 cups?

1/4 cup ideally.

How long does Café Bustelo last?

Coffee lost quality over time. So it is recommended to be consumed in 2-3 months.

Is Café Bustelo fair trade?

Bustelo is another coffee brand owned by J.M Smucker and operated by J.M. Smucker is not certified for the ethical and environmentally friendly sourcing of its coffee beans.

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Why is Café Bustelo so good?

The rich and exciting taste of this coffee is not to be missed. This coffee is not bitter or burnt like other coffees, but the beans are fresh with mocha and chocolate notes. This is why Cafe Bustelo is so common in households because of its accessibility and price

Does Café Bustelo have calories?

Cafe Bustelo Espresso Style (1k cup) contains 0g total carbs, 0g net carbs, 0g fat, 0g protein, and 2 calories.

What roast is Café Bustelo?

Cafe Bustelo Coffee, a deep roast of espresso, the Brick Pack is specially designed for espresso. 100% Arabica Coffee. Cafe Bustelo combines the best coffee in the world. Cafe Bustelo is a dark roast coffee specially roasted for semi-flavored or espresso.

Does Café Bustelo expire?

Coffee will lose quality over time.

How much is Café Bustelo in the French press?

Scoop the Café Bustelo to the bottom of the French press. Typically, use one tablespoon of coffee per glass of water. However, since Café Bustelo is stronger than regular ground coffee, you may choose to useless. At Café Bustelo, a little bit of work.

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Does Café Bustelo have carbs?

Cafe Bustelo Espresso Style (1k cup) contains 0g total carbs, 0g net carbs, 0g fat, 0g protein, and 2 calories.


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