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Barista Royal combines coffee refinement with social responsibility. This is achieved by including people with disabilities in the roasting process. As part of the many manual steps, from the selection of beans to the gentle drum roasting, a supervised involvement of the people is actively lived. Everyone does what he/she can and we help each other. This is how premium coffees and espressos that are refined with love are created. Try now!

Values: Social responsibility that goes beyond fair trade.
Fair remuneration for coffee farmers is not as widespread as we would like it to be, but it is at least much more common than it was 10 or 20 years ago. In most cases, however, the coffee brands' social responsibility ends at the port of loading or at the latest at the national border. Barista Royal wants to change that. As? By actively involving people with disabilities in the coffee production process.

Quality takes time
We are happy to accept that this means that coffee production takes longer and is more complex overall. Because what we discovered after the trial roasting with other roasters is that only the infinite dedication of the people in the facilities for people with disabilities leads to the quality that we strive for. Nobody is interested in the fact that a part of the body or the mental ability is classified as a "handicap" when roasting coffee together - and that is exactly what inclusion means for us in its purest form: everyone does their thing as well as possible and wherever there is a problem, you help your neighbor.

The special aroma

Despite handicaps, our coffee roasters have individually developed, special skills. This is evident in each of the work steps and a lot of time and detailed work is invested from hand selection to roasting. There are only a few people - regardless of their professions - who work on something with such attention to detail. The logical result is that the highest quality is produced here. But it's not just the perfection of the coffee taste. It is also about making people feel they have a valuable task - and we deliberately do not say “to give the feeling”. Each of our roasters is proud of the work they do and the product they create. By the way, with all the work there is also a lot of laughter and in the end, it is exactly what we would like to associate with a good coffee: joy and enjoyment - and if you support a good cause with it, all the better!

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