An attractive employment condition? Tasty coffee at work!


The labor market is relatively tight now; finding good staff can sometimes take time and effort. So make sure you keep the good team you already have and make it attractive for new staff to join you. How? With attractive working conditions and, of course, delicious coffee. As far as we are concerned, this is still the most attractive employment condition!

Lower staff turnover

Good terms of employment create a high level of involvement, and staff turnover in the organization is lower with committed employees. Therefore, it is essential to ensure those conditions are attractive enough.

Pension or company car

When you think of attractive terms of employment, you probably think of a good pension provision or a company car. And also, a training budget, a 13th month, or the possibility that employees can flexibly organize their time or work from home with the right tools.

Good atmosphere in the workplace

All those extras are necessary and an excellent way to bind employees to you. But it is just as essential to facilitate a good atmosphere in the workplace and between employees. And what better way to do that than with good coffee and an excellent coffee machine?

An employer with a cup of mush or with excellent coffee?

Coffee on the work floor is something that comes with it. And because tasty, good coffee is unfortunately not yet a matter of course in every organization, it is appreciated in the companies that offer it to their employees! Instead of staff complaining about a ‘cup of mush’, you better be known as a good employer who provides excellent coffee.

Coffee connects, also at the coffee machine.

Moreover, the coffee machine or coffee corner often functions as the social meeting place of the company. The spot you talk to your colleagues, get to know other colleagues, and arrange matters between the companies. Coffee connects, as we often say, and that also works for the employees in a company.


By ensuring that your employees can count on good coffee daily, you show that they can also count on you. You create satisfied employees with it, even though it takes more than just coffee. But delicious coffee contributes to mutual solidarity, employer loyalty, and organizational involvement.

Boost concentration and productivity.

Of course, there are also convenient advantages to good coffee. That it helps you concentrate better and that it can boost productivity. Place a nice water cooler next to that coffee machine, and you also help your employees stay hydrated during the day. An ideal combination for the workplace!