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Aero Coffee Roasters is the culmination of all the things I have come to love about the coffee industry under one roof; roastery, bakery and a café to bring it all together. When I began the design process for the cafe I knew I wanted a place that would be as diverse as my customer base. With that in mind I created a space that was open and bright with clean lines and a defined color palette. How customers interact in the space was also planned out with various seating arrangements to accommodate everyone's needs.


Opening a new business during a global pandemic is never something you could have ever planned for but a lot of positives have come from this. I was able to fine tune so many aspects of the business that normally get passed over during a frantic “Grand Opening”. I have had time to really get to know the staff, my customers, and enjoy the process. But most of all I have had the opportunity to spend so much time with my kids here at the café. It has given them a chance to see what really goes into opening a new business and given me invaluable time working alongside them.

I welcome you to come down to the cafe and make this space your space. Your before work space, after school space, or weekend hangout space. Or order some of our coffee online and enjoy Aero Coffee from your home.

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