13 Reasons Why: Coffee Edition


We keep hearing left and right that coffee is good for us. But what are the reasons exactly? Besides all the healthy ones, we are here to present to you the motives most of us drink coffee, which we might not realise, but are surely there! Even if you are not a coffee drinker, you might consider it after this post!

#1: Mood lifter

Coffee will be your best friend when times are hard. It acts as a stimulator for the central nervous system and provokes the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline, also known as happy hormones. They are proven to elevate your mood, and by drinking two cups of coffee a day the risk of suicide drops by 50%.

#2: Energy provider

Even Monday mornings seem a little brighter with a good cup of coffee. It gives just the necessary jolt of energy to get started on your day with motivation and make sure all of your tasks are successfully completed.

#3: Keeps the creative flow going

Once the energy kicks in, you are more likely to come up with new, innovative ideas that might be the start of your next big project! So, if you are ever stuck in a creative loop, take a break, enjoy a good cup of coffee and give your brain a refresh. You will be amazed at how efficient you can become just from a little relaxation time and an energy kick.

#4: When sweet cravings kick in…

We know how a sweet tooth can affect your daily life, especially when you don’t have any snacks in the house and you are too lazy to run to the corner store… This is why we present to you an effortless solution: a delicious cup of coffee, with milk, sugar and maybe even some syrup or any other topping you prefer, can be the perfect dessert.

#5: Problems focusing?

Finishing that report gives you nightmares, but you still can’t get yourself to do it? After all, when you have an important task to do, everything around you becomes more interesting and you can’t help but feel distracted. Coffee comes to the rescue once again, increasing productivity and supporting you through even the most dreadful of chores. 

#6: Prevents grumpiness

No one likes a tired, grumpy coworker Monday morning. The best way to make sure you don’t become the main character in that scenario, we suggest you take your dose of caffeine. The saying “Don’t talk to me before I’ve had my coffee” isn’t on most cups without any reason. 

#7: Keeps you sane

Even though most of us declare that we are big enemies of boring routines, we must admit that little habits, like making your bed and drinking your coffee in the morning or going for a walk in the park every Sunday are the ones keeping us sane, especially when today’s life has become so hectic that we never know what to expect from the upcoming day. These are the little things that we can predict and keep us on the floating line.

#8: Workout motivation

It’s understandable that after a long day, going to the gym isn’t the first thing that you are eager to do. The problem is that if you don’t, you risk feeling bad about yourself and your whole mood can degrade. In order to make sure you don’t fall in the trap of procrastination, have a little coffee, it might be just the little push you needed to keep going.

#9: A great warmer in the cold days

Just as winter starts settling in, you still don’t want to give up on the idea of summer, which makes bearing the sudden cold even harder, but no need to despair! A hot cup of coffee will be just the thing you need to keep you feeling warm from the inside, and what is a better feeling than keeping the cup in your cold hands?

#10: It encourages socialization

If you haven’t seen a good friend in a long time and you want a reason to plan a hang-out with them, going to a little coffee shop can be the perfect excuse. Nothing compares to a good conversation over a hot latte.

#11: Creates bonds between people

Groups of girlfriends make a habit to meet once a week over coffee to discuss what’s happening in their lives. Businessmen meet with partners and discuss projects while savouring their cup. Some interviews take place in cafes. First dates become more relaxing when they are in a cute coffee shop. It’s become an universal expression for getting together.

#12: Makes you more productive

It has become scientifically proven that when co-workers take a little time for a coffee before meetings, they become more interacting, making everyone collaborate better and they are also more likely to end with new ideas and perspectives.

#13: Did you drink your water?

People have become more and more mindful of their water intake lately, but it turns out that the liquids needed don’t have to be water only, so your trusty friend is also an alternative to make sure your hydration levels are appropriate. Fact: drip coffee is 98% water!

We hope all these reasons determined you to have an even better perspective on coffee, so, cups up!