Top 7 Countries That Produce the Most Coffee


We buy coffee from everywhere nowadays whether you are living in the smallest country in the world or the biggest. But coffee is produced mostly on the following continents: in South and central America, Asia, Africa and some of the islands such as Hawaii or Jamaica. These places are environmentally ideal for growing coffee. 

Also the quality of soil and precipitations are favorable for having huge quantities of coffee. The production of coffee measured on these continents is around 2,680,515 metric tons. They are the main exporters when it comes to coffee growth. After that, it is a re-export list of countries that is practised globally so that the coffee beans are spread and cover the needs of the entire globe. 

Where does coffee grow the most?

Moreover, I put emphasis on the fact that on each continent grows a different type of coffee: Arabica, Robusta, Liberica and Excelsa. So, the continents may be in a competition when it comes to their activity but not the product itself. As example, Brazil is the queen of products coffee beans export but their coffee is preponderent Arabica type with a little robusta where the soil permits. The impressive fact is that The islands in general prefer to sell their coffee to their tourists and not in great amounts outside their country. So there are 10 countries that produce the most coffee in the world. 

1. Brazil – (2,680,515 metric tons)

Brazil is the queen of production with 2,680,515 metric tons of coffee per year. This is the main arabica coffee exporters of the world. As I said, they also produce robusta coffee. The production happens in 17 states of federation and the harvesting method is by stripping. The processing method is mostly dry. Also, Brazilian coffee has a really creamy body with low acidity and subtle bittersweet rich chocolate and some caramel notes. 

2. Vietnam – (1,542,398 metric tons) 

Vietnam takes the second place in production with only 1,542,398 metric tons of coffee per year. It’s amazing how they turn out to be coffee producers because back in 1980 they were the biggest consumers of tea. After 1976, they became interested in producing coffee because their soil permitted a huge amount of crops, so today they are the most important producers of Robusta coffee worldwide. Their coffee is low-acidity and bitterness and it’s just good and ready to be consumed. 

3. Colombia – (754,376 metric tons)

The second biggest arabica coffee producer exporter after Brazil is Colombia. It is also known as the biggest Mild Coffee producer worldwide. Their coffee is one of the healthiest coffee on the globe because of the soil that has a lot of minerals. They are famous for aromatic, mild and fruity flavours. And the beans are usually grown at 1500-2000 metres which means that it produces a series of medium bodied coffees that have a rich nutty aroma and some citrus acidity giving coffee a mild flavour and subtle sweetness.

4. Indonesia – (668,677 metric tons) 

Indonesia produce both arabica and robusta coffee. They take the 4th place in world wide exports producers of coffee with only 668,677 metric tons of harvest per year. Their processing method is both dry and wet. It is usually used in beans for espresso due to their body, density and chocolate flavor

5. Honduras (475,042 metric tons)

Honduras is the country that replaced Guatemala when it comes to the largest coffee producer in Central America. There is an incredible environment for growing coffee but unfortunately the lacking infrastructure made it difficult to produce coffee and eventually export it until recent years. As a statistic, 12% of Hondurans are working in the coffee industry. They grow a variety of coffee, even black and green. 

6. Ethiopia (441,000 metric tons)

Ethiopia is the country where coffee was grown for the first time. The word origins of coffee is “ kaffa” which means a region of  Ethiopia where coffee was growing in.  Some locals noticed and since then they have cultivated it. They produce only Arabica coffee and the processing method is both dry and wet. Their coffee has a specific taste and it is really famous among coffee lovers. I strongly recommend going there if you need strong coffee. 

7. India ( 329,1 metric tons)

India produces a lot of coffee. Besides Arabica and Robusta coffee, they have a series of specialty coffees as you can see: Monsoon, Mysore Nuggets, Robusta Kaapi Royale. The processing method is both dry and wet. The beans are grown in monsoon rainfall conditions and are planted alongside spices as cardamom and cinnamon. They do this because it gives the coffee a spicy aroma.Moreover, India is a winner of gold medal at the Grand Cus De Cafe Competition with Tata brand. Since then, they have exported coffee mostly to Europe and Russia.