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  • cocoa coffee, sweet and floral notes
  • Arabica 
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It has an excellent aroma, cocoa coffee, sweet and floral notes with full-bodied and medium acids.

Origin: Colombia Region: Colombia Antioquia, Farm: Santa Barbara Farmer: Pedro Echevarría Yield: 1650 m Variety: Arabica Processing: Washed Certification: Specialty Cup profile: Excellent aroma, cocoa coffee, sweet and floral notes, full-bodied and medium acids. The story dates back to the early twentieth century, when Don Alejandro Ángel became the first mayor to export Colombian coffee. At a time when Colombian coffee had no reputation, it tried to convince European and American traders of the quality of its arabica coffee. He was successful beyond the imagination of his contemporaries and became the largest Colombian coffee exporter of his time. She was later the husband of one of Pedro Echevarría Don Alejandro’s daughters and risked growing coffee three decades ago. Did you understand that the most important step was to select a coffee-growing region, and after much deliberation, he chose Santa Barbara, a small county in the state of Antioquia. Santa Bárbara offered land of various qualities, microclimate, volcanic soil, perfect altitude. Mr. Echevarría started with a modest economy and has steadily increased production capacity over the years. The main farm called Santa Bárbara currently has 350 acres. Mr. Echevarría currently runs the company with his three sons, Nicolás, Camilo and Pedro Miguel, as well as 1,000 employees dedicated to coffee growing. We are talking about a coffee made in the province of Antioquia in northern Colombia. The farm where this coffee comes from belongs to Santa Bárbara State Coffee, a family business, which is engaged in production and export. Santa Bárbara has its own factory and warehouse where coffee is processed before export. Traceable and high quality coffee thanks to production control and we cannot ignore the fact that there is full control from Santa Bárbara State Coffee to the coffee plant to the port. Santa Barbara has a great unity of volcanic soils, high altitude and an incredible microclimate. 

The cultivation height is 1650 meters, due to this high altitude the coffee continues to ripen, resulting in denser and richer beans. This altitude is confirmed by the specific microclimate created by the Cauca River Valley. The heat of the valley protects the coffee from the cold Andean nights, allowing the coffee to be grown at higher altitudes. Selective harvesting is the most complex part of producing good cup quality coffee, so only fully ripe coffee beans are harvested here. This philosophy has produced high quality results. During the fermentation process, the pH and temperature of the tanks are measured to check and guarantee the result. And our experiments with more than 40 different fermentation techniques cannot be ignored, as a result of which a new technique is implemented that combines two fermentation processes, one before pulping and the other after. The result is a coffee rich in sweet flavors. 

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