CLASSICS Casino – von J. J. Darboven

18,90 $

  • a fresh, strong character
  • Arabica 
  • beans


CLASSICS Casino – von J. J. Darboven

Your bet please – the ball rolls and stays on the red nine. Coincidence? Luck? It’s completely different with Casino: the balance between spicy and harmonious components is the result of our experience, the special selection and mixture. Beans from Brazil, Central Africa, Vietnam and Papua New Guinea give Casino a fresh, strong character. CASINO is a specialty from the traditional roasting series, ie it is roasted in the original way for a distinctly intense and unadulterated aroma. JJ Darboven Specialties are real quality coffees that are actually roasted specifically for upscale gastronomy and the hotel industry. Doesn’t it sometimes surprise you why coffee tastes so much better in a restaurant? No wonder, because our gastronomy customers trust in the best coffee enjoyment and only use the highest quality coffee products … such as B. these JJ Darboven Specialties. All varieties are suitable for vending machines and filter machines and prepare an excellent coffee that you can hardly get in the supermarket…

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