Best coffee flavors


The best part of waking up early in the morning is drinking specialty coffee. At least, this is what people put on the top of the list when they are asked to talk about their morning routines. What triggered my attention though, was the fact that people prefer different types of flavors depending on the time of the day, the season, the age, the culture they are living in and the list can keep going.  Some of them have an interest in making their coffee on their own while others insist on having a special coffee that implies syrups, decaffeinated coffee, or some certain type of coffee that has exotic origins. 

So, having this in mind, I came to the conclusion that people put emphasis on the taste and the aroma of the coffee.  But were we to mention the best coffee flavors in the world which ones would we ever choose? Let’s go straight to the point and see what coffee flavors are most ordered and preferred by people around the world. 

Milk-Based Espresso Specialties


Having its origins in Italy, cappuccino is a coffee drink made from a mixture of espresso and steamed milk. It usually has incredible flavor and texture. It is made from a single or sometimes double espresso shot topped with frothed milk and after that, you can simply add syrups or sugar. For those who really enjoy syrups rather than sugar I strongly recommend these flavors: vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, lavender, and dark chocolate. Keep in mind the fact that Cappuccino doesn’t have as much milk as a Latte.


The brewing process for a latte is almost the same as a cappuccino but with the mention that the latte has a fairly large amount of foamy milk. It is considered to be one of the most wanted coffee around the world just for the fact that it’s not a strong beverage and can be drunk by everyone. For a latte, I recommend the following syrups: Green Mint, Pumpkin Spice, Pistachio, Peppermint, Coconut, and Toffee Crunch. And if you ask me I would add just a little bit of cinnamon. 


Cortado means “to cut” and it comes from the Spanish word “cortar”. This espresso beverage has hot frothed milk which literally “cuts” the acidity of the espresso.

This creamy drink consists of a brewed double shot of espresso and a 1/1 ratio of frothed milk. A cortado is served in a small cortado glass with a small layer of froth. If you are looking for a delicious espresso drink you should definitely try a cortado.


Originated from Puglia, a southern region of Italy, Espressino is an espresso-based drink with steamed milk and chocolate or sometimes Nutella. Actually, there are two different drinks that have similar ingredients but one of them came from North Italy and the other one from south Italy.  

  • The southern espressino uses only chocolate powder sprinkled in the cup after adding the steamed milk and before brewing the espresso. 
  • The northern espressino uses Nutella on the bottom of the cup and cocoa powder only as decoration. 

Some people like to use dark chocolate or different types of chocolate depending on what they prefer. 

Flat White

With its origin from Australia and New Zealand, Flat white has now made its permanent place in the menus of coffee places around the world. It’s the type of coffee that keeps you awake for a while. 

This espresso specialty is made with a shot of espresso and twain shots of steamed milk, capped with microfoam. Don’t be confused, this drink is pretty much different from a latte. It’s being served in small-sized cups (5 oz – 6 oz), much smaller than classic lattes and cappuccino. 

Iced coffee flavors


Frappe is a sweet iced coffee blended with milk and espresso and it is the most consumed drink in the summertime because it has this strong, rich, and fresh effect. 

Cold-Brewed Coffee

Cold Brew is famous for having lower bitterness and lower acidity than hot brew coffee. It is more versatile because it can be paired with many other ingredients, for example, sugar, soda water, and ice which leads to a new drink called “Cold Brew Soda”.  

Banana Milk Coffee

Practically it is a cold brew coffee that has creamy smooth banana milk. It is recommended for those who want an exotic and fruity taste. Most people try to combine different types of fruity flavors because it gives a rich aroma and it tastes more likely to be a cocktail than a coffee drink. 

The special flavor from Hong Kong you must try 


“Yuanyang tea” is a very popular drink in Hong Kong that combines the flavor of both coffee and tea into one powerful energy-giving beverage. It is made by mixing together black coffee, brewed black tea, and fresh milk. The recipe is very easy to reproduce so Chinese people prefer to make their coffee on their own but this beverage can be found also at any vendor of coffee in China. 

Chinese People are addicted to this kind of beverage because of its strong taste and particularity that stands it out of the ordinary. It can be served either hot or cold so you can enjoy it both on a terrace on a sunny day and at home in a cozy, warm environment while outside is raining.