Italy, besides being the Valhalla of fashion and the masterful Italian cuisine, is known as the capital of coffee. The Italians know quality like no other and that translates into their superior coffee brands. Many coffee lovers swear by Italian production. We delve into 3 well-known Italian coffee brands, so you will soon know perfectly which one suits your taste.


Illy coffee is extremely popular, not only in Italy is the famous coffee brand served, to no less than 150 countries around the world Illy exports its black gold daily. What makes Illy coffee special? The coffee producer has more than 80 years of experience in roasting coffee beans. After such a long time, you know what’s good. Moreover, it is a family-owned company that is always innovating. Did you know that the first pressurized espresso machine called “Iletta” was invented by Illy? Our current espresso machines are still based on the same system. Talk about history! Illy coffee stands for a balanced body and the typical Illy aroma. You can choose from three different intensities and flavors: intenso, classico and forte.


Another Italian high-flyer of note is Segafredo. Massimo Zanetti founded Segafredo in 1973. Do you choose Segafredo? Then you choose quality as well as responsible production. Because Segafredo controls the entire production process of its coffee (from bean to cup), the brand can guarantee excellent quality control, and you can taste it. You can get Segafredo simply in the supermarket or online. Highly recommended is the Segafredo Intermezzo. This blend is a mix of Arabica and Robusta beans and characterizes the typical refined taste of Segafredo.


Lavazza is also among the top Italian coffee brands. It was Luigi Lavazza who gave birth to this brand. Since then, the company has been going through 4 family generations. Lavazza coffee is the most consumed coffee in Italy, so you certainly know it. In Italy, you can even find Lavazza coffee houses: a coffee heaven where you can enjoy the best espressos and other coffee varieties. A delicious lavazza blend to try at home is the “Crema E gusto,” creamy and full of flavor. An espresso from this blend is an absolute winner to get your day off to an excellent start.

Have you found your favorite yet? Try all three to find out which Italian coffee maker best suits your preference. Not quite found what you’re looking for yet? Then try Grand Maestro Italiano or Altezza coffee. Pico Bello!