Bounty Chocolate Mocha

Coffee Recipes

To make a Bounty Chocolate Mocha, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 1 shot of espresso or 1/2 cup of strong brewed coffee
  • 1 cup of cocosmilk (alternatively milk plus coconut syrup)
  • 2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup or melted chocolate
  • Whipped cream (optional, for garnish)
  • Shredded coconut (optional, for garnish)

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make a Bounty Chocolate Mocha:

  1. Brew a shot of espresso or make 1/2 cup of strong brewed coffee. If using instant coffee, dissolve it in hot water according to the package instructions.
  2. Pour chocolate Sauce into a mug or glass. 
  3. Pour the hot espresso over the chocolate.
  4. Froth the coconut milk using a frother (my absolute favourite is Nespresso Aeroccino!) or by vigorously whisking it until it becomes frothy and creamy.
  5. Slowly pour the frothed cocos milk over the espresso and chocolate mixture in the mug or glass. Hold back the foam with a spoon to allow it to float on top.
  6. If desired, garnish the Bounty Chocolate Mocha with whipped cream, shredded coconut or cocoa powder.
  7. Serve immediately and enjoy the delicious combination of rich chocolate, coconut, and coffee flavors in your Bounty Chocolate Mocha.

This drink is a delightful twist on a classic mocha, giving it an added tropical taste of coconut. It’s a sweet and indulgent treat that can be enjoyed as a dessert or a special coffee beverage.