Filter Cartridges

Filter Cartridges

Many manufacturers such as Jura, Nivona, Melitta, Miele, Bosch, Siemens, AEG, or Krups use suitable filter cartridges for permanent water filtration. You should find more details in the operating instructions of the fully automatic coffee machine or directly from the coffee machine manufacturer.

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Fully automatic coffee machines are among the most popular. Get your coffee at the push of a button, and the integrated grinder makes freshly ground coffee, close and enjoy. However, things are not that simple. A very important step is often overlooked: manual cleaning and descaling. Regular manual maintenance of your fully automatic coffee machine is very important if you want to use your coffee machine for as long as possible and enjoy the full aroma of your coffee or espresso for a long time.

Good coffee requires pure water

Do you like the convenience of your fully automatic coffee machine and your new machine? To be able to prepare delicious and clean coffee for as long as possible requires regular and professional care and cleaning. Use the right ink cartridges to prevent limescale deposits in your coffee machine and prolong the life of your device. In addition, pure water coffee tastes better, so good decalcification also helps improve aroma. Fully automatic coffee machines are filled with tap water, which automatically puts the device at risk. Filter cartridges are the ideal solution for deep cleaning and descaling of fully automatic coffee machines. This will significantly extend the life of the machine. Otherwise, limescale can build up in the pipes of the coffee maker and cause blockages. Filtration softens water by removing taste-altering elements and other substances from the water. With regular decalcification, which counteracts the calcification of your coffee machine, your favorite hot beverages will continue to be aromatic. Filtration is especially useful if you live in an area where tap water is often hard. Because the harder the water, the more calcium there is. To avoid calcification in new machines from the start, many manufacturers of fully automatic coffee machines now offer a suitable water filter as standard. The product manual that came with the machine should also contain information on cleaning,

Too hard or soft water?

Water that is too hard or too soft can also affect the taste of coffee because the ingredients in the drink are either too weak or too strong. Hard water neutralizes the fine and mild fruit acids, so the result is usually a rather "dull" coffee without much aroma. In addition, there are limescale deposits in the kettle, thermos, or coffee maker. Soft water, on the other hand, affects water in reverse: it helps ingredients release more. If the water is too soft, the result is an acidic and possibly bitter coffee. The filter element ensures the perfect balance and balance of minerals in the water.


Filter elements should generally be replaced every four weeks. Depending on the water quality, the filter can be used for about 50 liters. Cartridges are also worth stocking up because they have a long shelf life. When unopened and in the manufacturer's sealed original packaging, they can be kept almost indefinitely.

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At Cafendo, we love coffee and bring you the best and most exceptional coffee beans from top roasters. However, to ensure that your favorite coffee continues to be aromatic and delicious, the water in your fully automatic coffee machine should be descaled regularly, and your coffee machine should be cleaned. At Cafendo you can find a large selection of suitable filter cartridges for many models. You can also find other care products such as special cleaners and brushes. So you'll find with our coffee, tea, and delicious sweets along with all the important utensils so that you can use your device for as long as possible and enjoy the richest coffee aroma for a long time.