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One of the elements that characterize the Hario V60 drippers is certainly the conical shape of their filters, and even the W60, even with a larger and more rounded shape, uses them. To these, however, a reusable very fine mesh resin filter is added which allows obtaining a panel of coffee with a flat bottom for a more homogeneous extraction.

Versatility is the most interesting function of this dripper, in fact, the cup of coffee can be prepared in three different ways:

  1. Flat resin filter and paper filter for a clean and rich cup
  2. Only the flat resin filter for a fuller cup thanks to the oils that are not retained
  3. Only the paper filter inside the cone for a clean and delicate cup like that of the V60

These are the recipes recommended by Pete Licata, which can be a good starting point for your experiments.

Double filter (Paper/resin plate)

  • Coffee dose 30gr
  • Water 500gr
  • Pre-infusion 70gr for 30 "
  • Extraction time 4'20 "/ 4'45"
  • Medium-fine grind (slightly finer than V60)

Only the resin flat filter

  • Coffee dose 20gr
  • Water 330gr
  • Pre-infusion 50gr for 30 "
  • Extraction time 3'20 "/ 3'30"
  • Medium-fine grind (slightly finer than V60)

Only the paper filter

  • Coffee dose 30gr
  • Water 500gr
  • Pre-infusion 40gr for 30 "
  • Extraction time 2'30 "/ 2'45"
  • Medium-fine grind equal to V60


  • DIMENSIONS L160 × D127 × H109
  • Diameter of the plane 116
  • CAPACITY For 1 ~ 4 cups
  • Body / Porcelain,
  • Frame / Polypropylene
  • Mesh / Polyester resin

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The Drip Assist is a tool designed for both the novice Home Barista and the professional to improve the consistency of coffee extraction with the V60. Designed by the World Barista Champion Pete Licata, it allows you to evenly distribute the water during the preparation of the V60.

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