Trial package Asia

Sample package consisting of our three most popular coffees in Asia. From India to Java, you can enjoy the velvety, mild coffees with a luscious body and notes of cinnamon, figs, and caramel.

Included in the package:
Java Jampit (80g) | Pang Khon Thailand (80g) | India Monsooned Malabar (80g)
(See below for details)

There are no preparation suggestions
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Preparation Mode:
  • Espresso Machines Coffee
  • French Press Coffee
  • Filter Coffee
  • Syphon
Coffee Bean Type:
Arabica - Robusta
Organic Coffee
Country of Manufacture:
Countries of Origin:
Coffee Grind:
Whole Bean/Ground Coffee
Caffeinated Coffee

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Enjoy the most popular coffees from the Hannoversche Kaffeemanufaktur in a sample package

Our coffee specialties can be optimally tested in small sample packages of 80 grams each.

  • Preparation Suggestion

    Espresso MachineCoffee can be used with espresso machines


    French PressCoffee can be used with the french press

    French Press

    Filter CoffeeCoffee can be used with filter machines


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