Tips for coffee at the campsite


Tips for coffee at the campsite

Need coffee while camping? Nothing beats waking up in nature to enjoy the cool breeze, the sounds of chirping birds, and the fresh air. However, crawling out of a warm sleeping bag can seem daunting for many people. Fortunately, there’s one effective way to warm up: a steaming mug of coffee. Many people think it is too complicated to make a cup of coffee while camping and miss out on this incredible experience. However, this process doesn’t have to be complex, as all you need are simple tools and the right method. In this article, we will show you how to prepare a good coffee while camping and how to turn your outdoor experience into an unforgettable moment.   


1.   Buy supplies 

Since you will be brewing coffee in the wilderness, it is essential to make sure you prepare everything you need for this task before you begin the journey. These include clean water (in case there is no water source near the campsite), coffee, mugs or cups, and some extras such as powdered milk or sugar. If you have a caravan, it may be a good idea to bring a coffee machine for use in the caravan.  

2.   Grind the beans 

If you buy coffee beans, they won’t be of much use if you don’t grind them first. Another option is to buy a manual coffee grinder and take it with you. Make sure all beans are finely ground so that they can be fully extracted and absorbed in heated water.    

 3.   Pack supplies 

When everything is ready, place all the supplies in a clean container, including the water, tools, and coffee. By doing this, you immediately know where to find them in the morning instead of frantically rummaging through your bags.

Heating up water

Whichever type of coffee or method you use, hot water is always necessary to make a good cup of coffee. There are two ways to boil water camping: a fire and a camping stove. If you’re planning a multi-day hike or trek, weight can be a significant issue. So it is better to opt for light cookware and a gas stove so as not to overload yourself.

If you use water from a nearby lake, stream, or river, heat it for at least 2 minutes to kill any harmful bacteria. If camping at a high altitude (over 2000 meters) heat the water for at least 4 minutes.

Three easy ways to make coffee while camping

There are many ways to make a good cup of coffee while camping; let’s see which one suits you best.

1. Instant coffee

If you don’t care about the taste of your cup of coffee, instant coffee is undoubtedly the easiest method.

You just need to heat water and pour it over the instant coffee mix. Wait 3 minutes, and now you have something to enjoy in the morning.

2. Cowboy style

If you don’t have room to carry extra equipment for making coffee on a hike, consider the method most cowboys have used for years. Ideally, you use the same pan for cooking your meals. Put ground coffee and water in the pan, heat it and drink the mixture when it cools down and the coffee grounds hit the bottom.

3. French press or cafetiere

Many people like a French press because it is an easy method to prepare a cup of coffee with the same taste as at home.


As you can see, it doesn’t have to be difficult to enjoy a nice cup of coffee while camping. Try the top methods on your next trip and share your experience below.

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