Whiskey Barrel Aged Colombian Reserve

20,99 $

REGION: Piendamó-Cauca

GROWING ALTITUDE: 1,600 — 2,000 masl
ARABICA VARIETY: Caturia, Castillo
MILLING PROCESS: Washed, Sun-dried

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Our Colombia Reserve is a WHISKEY BARREL-AGED

seriously complex roast that requires both time and patience. We hand scoop green (unroasted) beans from our family farm in Colombia into freshly emptied oak-aged whiskey barrels. The beans are hand-rotated for several months to absorb the whiskey flavor and small-batch roasted eliminating the alcohol but retaining the distinctive whiskey notes.
This reserve roast is not just your morning coffee – it’s a
coffee mind trick!

Only 300 Bags

Tasting Notes:
Roasted Nuts
Plum and Berries

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