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Cooperative:  Organica       

Region:  Cauca        
Acidity: mellow
Body:  tea-like
Flavors:  Sweet Lemon * Nougat * Breezy
Elevation:  1590-1650 meters       
Best brewing:  filtered drip       
Recommended ratio: 17:1

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ASOPROA (Asociación de Productores de Argelia) is a producer association in Argelia, one the municipios most affected by the internal conflict in Cauca in Colombia. They have received a lot of accompaniment and support from COSURCA, their parent cooperative, to develop economic alternatives to coca production and build peace in the region.

This coffee was shade grown under citrus, avocado and plantain trees; it was hand-harvested and selected for only red ripe cherries. The same day as harvest, it was depulped and fermented for 12-16 hours, then washed with clean water and dried in raised beds and parabolic dryers for 8 days approximately. Plant varieties include Colombia, Caturra, and Supremo. 

We’re loving the tea-like, breezy character of this smooth and uncomplicated coffee. If you’re a fan of Ethiopian YirgacheffeDR Congo Muungano, and other light-roasted washed coffees, we’re sure you will enjoy it too.

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