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Our offer of Nespresso compatible capsules from Mokaflor roasting: single origin Brazil Alta Mogiana Franca

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Brazilian coffees stand out for their natural roundness, giving an extremely clean cup that binds to any other origin without overpowering the taste. It is therefore frequently used as a base for mixtures. Of course it is impossible to speak of “classic Brazilian coffee” as this nation is as exterminated as a continent.

In our case we offer an Alta Mogiana coffee , a product with an intense body with acidity and a nice medium sweetness, the classic Brasil .


The cream is marked hazelnut, with slight reddish hues. On the nose clear sensations of toasted and biscuit, in some cases of cocoa biscuit.

To the taste, the coffee has a medium body and a very pleasant sweetness, harmonized by a slight bitter sensation and a very soft acidity.

Packaging : 10 capsules

How to dispose of the capsules? You can carry out the separate collection of the materials that make up the capsule. The lower part in the plastic (being 100% plastic), and the film that seals the capsule in the undifferentiated (being aluminum).

Compatibility : Nespresso and similar – check the instructions on the machine

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