Ecuador – Masadi ROBUSTA Pepón Brasileiro

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Our debut of a new champion and robusta cultivar: Pepón Brasileiro by Christian Saltos of Masadi! These are by far some of the largest, most insane-looking coffee beans we have ever seen! The vibe is this time more clearly Japanese barley tea, with a surprising, crisp note of honeydew melon, a tasty pistachio nougat, and black sesame brittle. 

 (Toasted barley, molasses, and chocolate are some of the most common flavors we find within many of these Amazonian robustas, yet each lot has additional, subtle, unique flavors that reveal themselves, and we love sharing that experience of discovery.)

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This is a completely different species of coffee! Robustas offer a radical shift and departure of what you may know as our standard specialty craft coffee. We ask you to keep an open mind and expect something very different from our typical Arabica coffees. Robusta has twice the caffeine and is far more pungent. Please view our video below on suggested techniques if you aim to taste it black, or highly consider these coffees if you or a friend love large volumes of milk, and sweetener, or are looking for the right ingredient in making Vietnamese-styled coffee!

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