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100% arabica

  • mild
  • slight acidity
  • sweet, milk chocolate
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The so-called “Sugar Cane” process is a unique decaffeination process that works exclusively with natural solvents and without pressure. It is therefore very gentle and very well tolerated. Cane sugar, which often grows in coffee-growing areas, serves as the basis for the solvent. In order to produce the solvent for the caffeine, molasses based on sugar cane is fermented, which creates ethanol. This is mixed with acetic acid and ethyl acetate is formed. In order to decaffeinate the green coffee, it is first steamed so that the pores open and then a mixture of ethyl acetate and water is added, which dissolves the caffeine. The caffeine is separated and filtered, then the decaffeinated green coffee is steamed again to remove residues.

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