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Tasting Notes: Graham, Banana, Lemon

Processing: Ethyl Acetate Decaffeination

Sometimes the world needs a decaf. Sometimes it doesn’t. But in the case, you’ve made it this far so hear us out on this incredible decaf!

This surprisingly complex cup of decaf doesn’t just happen by accident. These coffees are cupped as regular green samples and identified for the decaffeination process, which happens in Colombia where they are harvested. This both maintains the integrity of the cup quality and allows for responsible sourcing. After a bonding and steaming process, there are almost no traces of caffeine left in the coffee. It’s chemical free and full of flavor. 

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Origin Select Decafs are sourced green by Café Imports prior to decaffeination, breaking from the industry norm. By doing this, they are able to provide the highest quality water and E.A. (Ethyl Acetate, a natural solvent derived from fermented sugar or molasses products) processed products available. This particular lot is chosen from among lots brought by 11 smallholder growers in the department of Nariño.

These producers achieve good quality by picking ripe cherries (when they are a deep purple color), and de-pulping them the same day they’re picked. 

Yeah…. a micro lot decaf, we would argue its a great life decision, but you could definitely make worse…

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