Manual Coffee Grinders

What applies to almost everything in the food and beverage sector also applies to coffee beans and their processing into coffee grounds: freshness is the most important thing! When ground directly, they impart a rich aroma that makes coffee enjoyment a true taste experience. Did you know that coffee beans have more than 800 aromas?

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Why a hand coffee grinder?

In addition to the electric version of coffee grinders, especially manual coffee grinders are often used and have been used for a long time. It’s not uncommon for a grandparent or parent to have a manual coffee grinder that still works in the past. These usually give them a special charm. However, with all coffee grinders, it is important to ensure that they are always clean and free of any coffee residue. Residual coffee grounds can significantly affect the taste of coffee and spoil it.

With the increasing popularity of manual coffee grinders, the market offers a variety of styles and designs to suit every taste. From classic designs with wooden casings to ultra-thin hand grinders made of stainless steel. Another obvious advantage of a hand grinder is that it is much cheaper to buy than an electric grinder. Plus, hand grinders are smaller and more compact, making them travel-friendly. For example, if you’re planning a trip or a car trip, or if a filter coffee maker is waiting for your vacation, then you can just carry a small manual coffee grinder in your luggage and you don’t have to go without fresh coffee to enjoy on the go!

Grinding by hand takes more time and effort, but because of that, it can be a great coffee ritual, so it’s definitely worth it. Because self-ground coffee is fresher than ever, you can enjoy coffee “made” yourself from start to finish and grind only the amount you need.

Hand coffee grinders: flexible and space-saving

The independence from power or batteries and the easy transport options for smaller devices are definitely plus points for a manually operated coffee grinder. Also, you can usually use this type of manual coffee grinder for all common preparation variants, as you can choose the settings for the degree of grind. From super fine for espresso to super coarse for filter coffee, simply set the grind size you want on your manual coffee grinder. In terms of functionality, manual grinders are in no way inferior to electric grinders.

You should keep in mind that if you want to achieve a very fine grind, this will of course take more time than a coarse grind. However, the intensity of physical exertion is limited, especially if you use a higher-quality manual coffee grinder model. For preparing larger quantities of ground coffee, an electric coffee grinder may be preferable to a manual coffee grinder. Of course, freshly ground espresso is easy to use.

This is how manual coffee grinding works

The main component of a coffee grinder is undoubtedly the grinder. Manual grinders work with so-called cone grinders, in which coffee beans are ground between the inner core and the outer wall. In this way, the coffee beans are lightly crushed into coffee powder. Other advantages are the low heat generation, especially the uniform grinding results with uniformly sized particles. This allows for an even extraction during subsequent brewing, such as with a filter, and the coffee is ideally rich in aroma.

Discover a large selection of hand coffee grinders at Cafendo

Manual coffee grinders are available in a variety of designs, made of wood, plastic, or metal, with or without glass components, for a classic retro or modern look. What all manual coffee grinders have in common is that hand-grinding coffee beans make making your own coffee a real experience. Discover different models and brands easily and conveniently with us at Cafendo. From ideal and affordable entry-level models to best-sellers and premium-level luxury models – you’re sure to find your new favorite among our manual coffee grinders. If you have more specific questions about a model, our customer service coffee specialists will be happy to assist you by phone or email.