Capsule Machines

You can also choose to prepare a variety of different specialty coffees. From espresso to cappuccino to latte macchiato – with the right capsule machine, anything is possible!

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The advantages of capsule machines

Preparing coffee and espresso with a capsule machine is easy and convenient. A big advantage is that you get consistently high quality even without prior knowledge. Similar to the portafilter machine, the espresso is inspired by the strong flavor and appealing crema. The aroma remains in the sealed coffee capsule until the brewing process. This ensures intense coffee enjoyment. These models are also perfect for all coffee lovers who want a little variety in their cups, as you can choose from a ton of different types. Depending on your preference, you can start the day with an espresso and enjoy a decaffeinated coffee in the afternoon. Last but not least, thanks to its compact size, the capsule machine is guaranteed to find a suitable place in smaller kitchens.

How capsule machines work

Just like the ESE pad machine, the capsule machine is part of some coffee machines. This means the coffee won’t be poured by the spoonful like a traditional filter coffee maker. Instead, coffee comes in pre-made capsules. It is very easy to prepare coffee or espresso with a capsule machine. After turning on the machine, the coffee capsules of your choice will be placed on the device. Then push the lever down again. This can cause the capsule to be punctured. Depending on the model, the opening of the portioned capsules is also caused by heating. The heat causes the capsules to expand until they eventually burst. This is how coffee and water are mixed.

Which capsule machine is the best?

This question is difficult to answer in general terms. When choosing the right capsule machine, the most important thing is which beverage you want to prepare with it. Basically, there is a suitable capsule machine for every type of coffee. To help you find the best model for your needs, we’ve put together an overview for you below:

Important features of a capsule machine

Capsule machines vary in various characteristics such as operation, procedures, dimensions, milk tanks, and materials. The following overview should help you orientate:

Discover capsule machines at Cafendo

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