La Marzocco Launches its First Purely Home Machine, The Linea Micra


La Marzocco Launches its First Purely Home Machine, The Linea Micra

Italian espresso company La Marzocco has unveiled the Linea Micra, a compact dual-boiler espresso machine designed for home use.

The Linea Micra has much in common with its bigger prosumer sibling, the Linea Mini, along with a few key differences that grant it a smaller footprint and lighter weight.

The Micra’s 1.6-liter freshwater reservoir and 1.6-liter steam boiler are slightly less than half the size of the Mini’s. The smaller boiler allows the Micra to heat up and achieve a stable brewing temperature in about five minutes.

Also, unlike the Mini, the new machine features a “saturated group head” design similar to what’s found on commercial La Marzocco machines but smaller. The agility of Micra’s smaller boiler connected to the saturated group design allows for steadiness and quick changes to brew water temperature, according to the company.

Though the Micra’s 230-milliliter brew boiler is of similar capacity to that of the Mini, the more compact group design contains less stainless steel mass than the “integrated” group design of the Mini, which heats what it needs independently of its larger steam boiler.

The Micra also ships with a new convertible portafilter system with a removable bottom, allowing users to switch between spouted and “naked” styles.

Beyond these distinctions, the Micra bears many similarities to its prosumer forebear, including a smaller version of the same type of rotary vein pump, the paddle switch group, and an optional direct plumbing connection.

“The difference in steam boiler size is the most apparent difference between the machines,” La Marzocco Global Product Manager Scott Guglielmino told Daily Coffee News. “In general, it can be said that the engineering decisions of the Linea Micra have been made to make it more approachable for the home barista, while the Linea Mini was designed to make great beverages both in a home and light commercial setting.”

With built-in wifi connectivity, the Linea Micra will also feature expanded capabilities through the La Marzocco Home app. Guglielmino told DCN that users could adjust coffee and steam boiler temperatures via the app, program a low-pressure pre-infusion phase, schedule powering on and off, and more.

“La Marzocco is always working on new concepts and ideas to help improve the espresso experience at home,” said Guglielmino. “We believe this machine will make great espresso easier and more accessible to a larger number of people worldwide.”

The new machine is manufactured at La Marzocco’s headquarters outside of Florence, Italy, and will be offered in seven colors. Sales and shipping have officially launched, with prices varying by country.