Iced Americano

Coffee Recipes

Iced americano is a cold version of the classic americano. This is so refreshing and gives you a great caffeine kick. If you want an iced americano, the process is just a tiny bit different from a classic americano. Instead of hot water, pour the espresso into a glass with ½ or ¾ cup ice, swirl and taste. You can let the ice gradually water down the drink as it melts, but you can also add cold water (same amount as coffee), if desired. Stir the drink well to combine. Enjoy! 

Some coffee experts say you should add the water to the cup before you add the ice. This helps increase the amount of espresso crema from the surface of the drink. 

Another pro tip is to use a ristretto shot instead of espresso. Ristretto is less bitter than espresso, so it’s great for those who don’t like overly acidic coffee. 

On the other hand, if you like strong coffee, you can also make your ice cubes using iced coffee. This helps reduce the amount of water in your iced americano and retains that strong, dark flavor of the espresso.