Do you want to know how to recognize a specialty coffee

There is a stark difference between specialty coffee and regular coffee in terms of taste, aroma, consistency, fullness, and overall experience:

✔️  Here we start with the difference between Arabica and Robusta. The first grows at high altitudes and is genetically richer, and of higher quality. Robusta grows at low altitudes, is weaker, and does not fall into the scope of specialty coffee.

✔️ The place where it grew, how it grew, the soil on which they are grown, the care of the plants at different altitudes and climates, and the method of cultivation carefully perfected from generation to generation. The higher the altitude, the cleaner and rarer the air, the less polluted the soil, and the coffee plant draws its minerals and nutrient requirements from unpolluted soil.

✔️  The level of roasting matters a lot. Here we are talking about how long the beans are roasted and at what temperature they are roasted. Specialty coffee can be roasted anywhere in the light-dark range, but we prefer a medium level.

✔️  Specialty coffee has a natural sweetness without the need to add sugar.

✔️  The texture must be unctuous (buttery, fatty) that leave an aftertaste typical of the area and type of coffee consumed, according to the description provided by the barista.

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