Green coffee Java Kayumas

Java represents a significant part of coffee's cultural history. The first coffee harvested on Java was sold in Amsterdam in 1712. Even today, the Indonesian main island still produces excellent, full-bodied coffee with an earthy-sweet taste. The coffee of the Kayumas estate is recognized as one of the best plantations. The coffee beans harvested here have a special character due to their tobacco aromas. Especially in a dark roast, the Java Kayumas develops a strong spiciness that borders on mocha. This coffee is very well suited as an addition to blends.

This coffee is a washed and sun-dried Grade 1 quality of the Arabica Typica variety.

Flavor Profile:

Hardly any acidity, herbal, earthy, complex, and spirited

Roast recommendation:

Full City Roast / as Blend Vienna Roast

This green coffee is very suitable for all roasting devices!

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Coffee Bean Type:
Herbal, earthy, complex and spirited
Single Origin
Coffee Grind:
Whole Bean
Caffeinated Coffee
Roast Level:
Rather strong

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