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Alco Real Products was born in 1993 and had the purpose to prelucrate coffee and sell it. The company is known as “Florian Le Cafe '' and now they are well known for having a great variety of coffee with more than 46 flavours in their portfolio. With a strong history in coffee market, they put emphasis on selling quality and origins coffee for all the coffee lovers. 

They specialise in commercializing regular and premium coffee. Moreover, since 2003, they are proud to announce that they roast and sell origins coffee made in their production market house having a surface of 900 mp and  a deposit of 360mp. 

Although they work in a great advanced and upgraded technology environment their goal and objective was to improve the production section by implementing some great machines such as: computer-assisted coffee roasters, professional coffee grinders, machine packed coffee in a protected atmosphere. Their equipment is the latest on the market and their products quality can tell this. 

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We put emphasis on quality 

They put emphasis on quality coffee roasting. This is why for maintaining the finite product quality the product process is carried out in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 22000. 

Moreover, the prime material is purchased from vendors with a large traditional history on the international market and is processed by people with a great experience in coffee roasting. We know what we are doing and our team is led by a master roaster having an experience of more than 27  years. All the departments from our company work substantially  in maintaining the quality we want to sell on the market. Florian le Cafe Indonezia coffeeFlorian le cafe Kenya


Irish, Cappucino, Vanilla, Chocolate, Cinnamon - coffee beans are glazed with essential oils with various flavors resulting in a coffee perfectly balanced creamy, with a distinguished character.

"Single-origin” - Kenya, Ethiopia Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia Maragogype, Colombia Medellin, etc., is aimed at consumers who prefer a special coffee, with a strong character, given by the cultivation at altitudes 1500-2100 m. For example, in Kenya, coffee is harvested twice a year, being harvested by hand with only the ripe, red grains. Connoisseurs have a special inclination towards gourmet coffee of Kenyan origin due to its aroma distinctive and spicy.

Our factory facilities

  • high-performance coffee roasting equipment
  • impurity separator 
  • packing lines in various quantities 
  •  vacuum packaging line 
  • coffee silos 
  • high precision weighing equipment
  • laboratory 
  • production capacity 40 tons per month

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