Five simple tips for a perfect cup of coffee


You might be surprised by flavors and aromas that go far beyond the boiling coffee we normally drink. Check out five tips on how to have a good coffee

Waking up with a good coffee is sure to energize the start of the day. And among the different ways to prepare this drink, I found one that helps me focus and think about everything that lies ahead.

And why does a cafe need so many details? Because the subtlety awakens the different notes and you can be surprised by flavors and aromas that go far beyond the boiling coffee we normally drink. Here are five tips on how to have a good cup of coffee.

Coffee beans

Grind on the spot helps to get all the best presents in the flavors and aroma. Ground coffee speeds up the oxidation process. Grinding can be done by manual or electric grinders and prices vary widely. But you don’t always need the most expensive. Most coffees have a specific grind and I stick with average. And here you will find different aromas and flavors that vary according to the producer, geographic origin, and other factors. The medium roast is usually tastier.

Brewed coffee

It brings out more flavors, and I prefer a filter called the Hario V60, which increases the coffee’s contact with the water and has a larger opening in the final dimension. This allows for faster extraction.


Ideally, the water should be close to 90 degrees and not boil so as not to spoil the flavor and aroma, burning on contact. There are coffee makers or kettles in this setting. In high cities, water usually boils at less than 100 degrees which makes it easier to boil on a common stove.


The preparation usually calls for a recipe, in order to balance everything. I usually use 200 ml of water for every 16 g of coffee.


Finally, wait and resist. The aromas and flavors will be more intense and pronounced if the coffee is warm. A good coffee gains nuances and personality with a lower temperature.

Find your way and have fun. The best coffee is the one you like. There are several specialized coffee shops in Brazil that can greatly expand our limits. And avoid sugar. Hot, sugary coffee only serves to hide all the flavor. Just like wines and beers, coffee can be a great companion for travel, experiences, and good conversations.