Discover the rich taste of a doppio espresso

Coffee Recipes

Espresso is loved by coffee lovers from all over the world. That has everything to do with the rich and strong taste of this drink. Can’t get enough of a single espresso? Then a doppio is exactly what you are looking for. ‘Doppio’ is the Italian word for double. So you get twice as much espresso, so you can enjoy your coffee even longer. This drink is so popular that the double espresso is the standard in many places, including Italy.

Like a single espresso, a doppio is brewed by forcing hot water through ground coffee under high pressure. With the double espresso, just double the amount of coffee and water. A highly concentrated coffee with a strong taste is then created. You can recognize a good double espresso by a nice crema layer. This golden brown layer covers the entire top of the coffee and should be quite thick.

Which coffee do you use best?

In principle, you can make a double espresso with any type of coffee bean, but espresso always tastes best when you use espresso beans. These beans produce a nice crema layer, which is due to the high oil content in espresso beans. A dark roast is common with espresso beans, which gives the coffee its characteristic dark taste. They also perform better under the high pressure of an espresso machine.

Which type of coffee you use depends entirely on your personal taste, as long as you use high-quality coffee. Robusta coffee beans are a bit harder and have a greasy coating that can be harmful to your espresso machine, but that mainly applies to lower quality coffee beans. Arabica coffee beans are always suitable for a delicious double espresso. This coffee has a mild taste, which provides a good balance when you brew a highly concentrated espresso.

This is how you make a doppio espresso

A good double espresso is best made with a real espresso machine. Only these machines provide the right pressure (9 bar) to create a truly tasty espresso. The taste of your double espresso also depends on three factors: the amount of coffee, the amount of water and the throughput time. With this drink, the traditional ratio is:

  • 14 grams of ground coffee
  • 40 to 60 ml of water
  • 25 seconds lead time

Have you mastered brewing a double espresso? Then you have the space to experiment with these proportions. This results in a stronger or milder taste.

Warm up your machine and rinse it well. Then warm up your espresso cup. Use ground coffee beans or grind your coffee beans yourself and weigh out 14 grams for the portafilter. Use a tamper to press the coffee evenly so that the water runs evenly through it. Place the heated espresso cup under the machine and the portafilter in the machine. Switch on the espresso machine and, within 30 seconds, you can enjoy a warm and aromatic double espresso.