Delicious Nutella Coffee Recipes: Hot, Iced, and Instant Options

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What is a Nutella coffee? 

If you’re a fan of nutty and chocolatey flavors, then the Nutella coffee is the perfect beverage for you. This decadent drink combines the rich and creamy taste of hazelnut spread with the bold flavor of freshly brewed coffee. Whether you prefer a hot coffee or an iced coffee, there’s a Nutella coffee recipe for every coffee lover. From Nutella iced coffee to Nutella hot latte, this beverage is a delightful treat that’s easy to make at home. With just a few simple ingredients such as Nutella, milk, and coffee, you can whip up this delicious drink in no time. Whether you choose to use instant coffee, cold brew, or freshly brewed coffee, the Nutella coffee is a versatile and flavorful drink that’s sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. So, if you’re in the mood for a nutty and chocolatey treat, give this Nutella coffee recipe a try and indulge in its creamy, frothy goodness. 

Ingredients for Nutella coffee drink

To make a delicious Nutella coffee drink, you will need to gather a few key ingredients, such as Nutella, or you can make your own Nutella, using cubed chocolate and a blender to create the perfect consistency. For the base of the drink, you will need cold coffee and milkshake syrup, whole milk or almond milk. You will need cocoa powder, coffee (or a  splash of decaf coffee for a hint of caffeine).  If you prefer you can top the drink with a generous dollop of whipped cream and a drizzle of Nutella and finish off with a sprinkle of cinnamon or a dusting of cocoa powder for the perfect mocha flavor. 

Nutella iced coffee recipe – you will love this recipe

Indulge in a delicious Nutella coffee recipe that is perfect for any time of day. Start by adding Nutella or making your own Nutella using chocolate hazelnut spread, vegan hazelnut milk, and hazelnut syrup. Then, freeze the Nutella into ice cubes. Once the Nutella ice cubes are ready, prepare a cold brew or strong coffee using instant coffee powder or espresso. Dissolve the easy Nutella cubes in the coffee and top it off with full-fat milk or a plant-based alternative. Adjust the amount of Nutella cubes to dilute the flavor if needed. For an extra touch, add caramel or chocolate shavings for a flavored and delicious beverage. You can also use regular coffee and hazelnut chocolate if preferred. This recipe provides the perfect balance of hazelnut and chocolate in a refreshing and energizing drink. Keep any leftovers in the refrigerator to enjoy later, or serve immediately in a glass filled with the Nutella coffee ice cubes. Whether you’re a vegan coffee lover or simply enjoy the combination of Nutella and coffee, this recipe is sure to satisfy your cravings. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Nutella Coffee

1. How do I make Nutella coffee?

To make Nutella coffee, start by adding a spoonful of Nutella into a cup of hot coffee. Whisk the Nutella and coffee together until the Nutella is completely melted. You may want to refrigerate the Nutella beforehand for easier mixing. Enjoy this chocolate spread flavored coffee!

2. Can I use cold brew coffee for Nutella coffee?

Absolutely! You can use cold brew coffee instead of hot coffee to create a refreshing Nutella flavored cold coffee drink.

3. What is half and half and how can I use it in this recipe?

Half and half is a dairy product that is a combination of half cream and half milk. You can use it to top the Nutella coffee for a creamy texture and rich taste.

4. How can I make Nutella hot coffee?

To make Nutella hot coffee, follow the same steps as making Nutella coffee mentioned in question 1, but with a cup of steaming hot coffee.

5. Is it possible to make this recipe with skim milk?

Yes, if you prefer a lighter option, you can use skim milk instead of half and half to create a skim Nutella coffee.

6. Can I add ice to make this coffee a cold drink?

Yes, you can add ice cubes to the Nutella coffee to turn it into a refreshing chocolate spread flavored iced coffee. You might want to use ice cube trays for some neat and evenly-sized ice cubes.