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A world around coffee

Coffee is a legendary drink and discovering it is exciting, starting with its plant and its history, which seems to have begun thanks to some goats.
Coffee arrived in Italy in 1600, when the relationship between coffee and health was already known.
The art of espresso tasting teaches us to identify and appreciate its inimitable organoleptic characteristics, which require the adoption of precise techniques during extraction, such as the 10 rules for moka listed here.
Coffee: a world of legends, anecdotes, stories, and curiosities to browse through.

zicaffe italianoCoffee in Europe and Italy

In the early 1600s, travelers, traders, scholars and doctors contributed to making coffee known in Europe. In Italy, it was introduced by Venetian merchants and immediately became a ritual, so much so that in 1640 the first coffee shop was born in Venice.

Since then the coffees spread throughout Europe, and in Italy the Caffè Florian in Venice, the Greco in Rome, the Pedrocchi in Padua and the San Carlo in Turin were born, which contributed to spreading the reputation of coffee as an intellectual drink.

Passion for coffee since 1929

Zicaffè is an Italian company with 90 years of tradition that produces high-quality coffee blends and distributes them in Italy and around the world.
Its story begins in 1929 when Vito Zichittella passionately created a small roasting company in Marsala and his coffee became famous throughout Sicily for its cream and aroma.

From the best grains for cropszicaffe50

We import the best green beans for quality and cultivation method directly from selected producing countries, favoring those that are uniform and washed, that is, without natural impurities.
Careful checks, followed by tasting tests, ascertain the absence of defects.

The production methodology, blending artisan experience acquired over time with cutting-edge technologies, ensures the excellence of the products.