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Our roasting team spent countless hours behind the coffee roasters and in the lab, meticulously creating a premium coffee product charged with the essential vitamins. We selected coffees from Honduras and Columbia for their medium acidity and floral and chocolate notes to deliver a flavorful experience. Additional beans were selected from Mexico and Brazil for their sumptuous yet light finish. The quality of coffee and roast ensures that these single serve coffees don’t sacrifice flavor for simplicity.


Essential vitamins and energizing ingredients. Health and vitality combine into a cup of comfort!

Learn more about our carefully selected vitamin and supplement ingredients. Discover how our vitamin, antioxidants and supplements make VitaCup the Vitamin Infused Brew for You!

Perfect coffee VitaCup

VitaCup is proud to join Vitamin Angels in their fight to end global malnutrition.VitaCup knows that, even in developed countries, it can be difficult to get all of the vitamins you need to be your best self.  Now we want to take a stand by helping Vitamin Angels give nutritional supplements to those undernourished populations that need it most. Vitamin Angels provides life-changing vitamins to mothers and children under five who are at high risk of malnutrition due to food availability issues.  By providing vitamin supplements to these vulnerable populations, Vitamin Angels is effectively reducing preventable illness, blindness, and even death – to create a healthier world.

VitaCup is proud to pledge 2% of all profits to Vitamin Angels because we know the transformative power of addressing vitamin deficiencies.

When you purchase VitaCup you join us help us reach our goal of raising $20,000 for Vitamin Angels this year. This donation will help us provide critical vitamins to 80,000 beneficiaries for an entire year. Sometimes the smallest solutions can have the biggest impacts. Your purchase of VitaCup will helps to fund the crucial supplies and services that have helped Vitamin Angels reach over 51 million children in 57 countries around the world. 


Brianna’s experience with nutrition support at Harbor-UCLA’s ICU gave her the hands on experience to see the transformative power of nutrition management. This inspired a deep conviction and drive to help others realize that optimal diet and supplement regimens can have a positive impact for both preventative and restorative wellness. Brianna has committed her career to improving patient health by managing the ideal intake of macro and micro nutrients.

VitaCup partnered with Brianna to help us drive product research and innovation by keeping us informed on new clinical trials, case studies, and breakthroughs in health science. We have come together to reach our mutual mission: provide our customers essential nutrients in an easy, safe, convenient and delicious way!